Huawei unveils the nova 10 Youth Edition in China

04 March 2023
An IPS display, Snapdragon 680 chipset and 108MP main camera are on board.

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Too big in size. Should be smaller with a better chipset

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    • d%w
    • 05 Mar 2023

    Jimmy Potter, 05 Mar 2023SD 680 uses A73 corex from 2015. It should be banned in 2023.Not only Cortex A73 cores from 2015, but the even more ancient Cortex A53 cores from 2012...

    But then, this combo of A73+A53, along with the 6nm process, makes the SD680 a very efficient chipset. In a way, I'd say that the SD680 is a spiritual successor to the SD625.

      250+ dollars for a SD680 and 4000mah phone lmao. Dead on arrival. You could literally buy a brand spanking new Redmi Note 10 Pro for 220 dollars and that one has a bigger battery(5000 vs 4000) Better Processor (732G vs 680), same camera, far better screen (120hz AMOLED vs 90Hz IPS lol).

        The editing on the cover is killing me.

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          • Alando
          • CGH
          • 05 Mar 2023

          Nova 9SE ???? Come on Huawei!!

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            • 6kH
            • 05 Mar 2023

            G99 is better choice over SD 680 aka 662 plus.

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              • AnonD-731363
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              • 05 Mar 2023

              Looks good but should be at least 50 eur cheaper.

                SD 680 uses A73 corex from 2015. It should be banned in 2023.