Realme C55 launched with Dynamic Island-like Mini Capsule

07 March 2023
It also supports 33W SuperVOOC charging - a first for any Realme C-series smartphone.

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  • Luxor
  • xjH
  • 16 Mar 2023

Would be funnier if they made the capsule unnecessarily bigger on the next model. The audacity to call the stupid notch a feature.

    Why not they just make this as a software feature instead of only implementing on this one as an exclusive feature

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      • Binosh mgr
      • Lbs
      • 13 Mar 2023

      How much nm chip

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        • Anonymous
        • K3q
        • 09 Mar 2023

        Visuth, 09 Mar 2023ah gimmic copy islandGimmick..shmick..actually looks good for the price

          ah gimmic copy island

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            • XUy
            • 08 Mar 2023

            It's way better than u or v shaped notch

              Anonymous, 07 Mar 2023A giant step back. Androids were already ahead in this for ... morerather than "I don't know how to hide blah blah" it's "let's make it useful. (by copying apple)" Either way, a symmetrical top and bottom bezel is a better more practical solution to hide front cameras but most think "ew bezels", when eventually everything needs to have the software "accidental touch prevention" when we've had the hardware version for years. It's called bezels and flat screens. It doesn't obstruct the viewing experience, it also makes installing screen protectors easier and allows for front facing speakers that don't get blocked however you hold it. It also makes space for notification light and a ton of other sensors but apparently for some people, bezels are the worst thing to have on a phone even if the phone they've had for years has a cracked screen.

                AnonD-1078988, 08 Mar 2023Should have removed headphone jack, micro SD card slot, cha... moreshould have gone with portless

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                  • AnonD-1078988
                  • 7k0
                  • 08 Mar 2023

                  Should have removed headphone jack, micro SD card slot, charger, added proprietary charging connector and a huge black capsule shaped punch hole for that authentic apple "experience".

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                    • Anonymous
                    • fCE
                    • 07 Mar 2023

                    C55 means "Copy 55" i.e their 55th attempt at copying apple

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                      • Anonymous
                      • swf
                      • 07 Mar 2023

                      A giant step back. Androids were already ahead in this for years. Having a "dynamic island" is like saying "I don't know how to hide my front facing hardware" (like Apple says for years because they are really stuck in their ways).

                      Btw 6 years in and still not a decent unscrewed camera yet. They said (back then) that it is around the corner... it would be a decade soon and we'd still have those ugly FFCs...

                        Shellyman Studios, 07 Mar 2023Typical Chinese companies lmao... What else is new?The name is.

                          Dinamic island?lol Apple should be proud that others are copying their stupid ideas!

                            Anonymous, 07 Mar 2023The C55 is using LCD display, so no under display fingerpri... moredont expect oled on C series though. it would be so expensive on realme budget series.

                              Rock, 07 Mar 2023Can you cook using the camers’s too?as long if you can record at 8k, you'll use them as ultra portable stove

                                kramark, 07 Mar 2023Good to see the Realme C series return to competent chipset... morethe real successor for the 2020 c3 is the c35. not like others use lower end chips such as sd460 or g35. unisoc are just good for budget buyers.

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                                  • Rock
                                  • 39x
                                  • 07 Mar 2023

                                  Can you cook using the camers’s too?

                                    Acorns, 07 Mar 2023Am I missing something here? I don't get why you need ... moreSmaller bezels like the one Sony is giving would be awesome though (considering they give us front facing speakers)

                                      Post INR conversions in your articles as well

                                        Am I missing something here? I don't get why you need a huge black bar to display anything? Next thing will be giant bezels again! Technology going backwards