Meta's paid verification service is now live for Facebook and Instagram users in the US

17 March 2023
It will cost you $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile.

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  • 20 Mar 2023

Facebook is useless and should be put in the garbage bin of history

    This verification process may actually only be useful for some stars, politicians or big business companies - but not for normal people.

      you are paying for identity theft in advance. NEVER upload your details online. Alkways give a false birthday for starters. Anyone who asks you to pay to communicate online when you can text, email, write a letter or MAKE A PHONE CALL instead (and with more privacy from your landline...) is only after your money. I left Facebook ages ago, and I have left Twitter now because it has sunk to a level concerning governments internationally as you shall shortly learn, no doubt. They should pay us for keeping them afloat. Such sites HAVE NO VALUE intrinsically of their own at all. Their Moguls are insane perverted individuals intent only on max profit: a far cry from the Hollywood intentions. Lets hope we all survive the addiction to post and tweet uselessly and retyrn to being human beings. In the UK now, you cannot even contact your M.P. without having to do so online and get put through an entire process. If you want to contact a journalist, you cant just ring them up any more either. We have ALL be ghettoized by the Web..

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        • 19 Mar 2023

        ithehappy, 18 Mar 2023We are indeed growing a conscience and progressing. Paid su... moreWhat society? More like Idiocracy. Since corona, the intelligence level of the normal youngster got a 40% hit. This new so called society has no god no morals and no empaty. The schools get easyer and lesser because there are no teachers or even worse, some of them are dragging to teach in some classes. Two more corona lockdowns like that and you'll see only m...s walking the streets, wannabe gangsters with Sweatpants, Leather shoes, and "michelin" jacket plus the "Mop" hairstyle.

          that's a total waste of time and money...

            We are indeed growing a conscience and progressing. Paid subscriptions for stuffs which have no effect, wait, toxic effects on the society. Dear God.

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              • 18 Mar 2023

              Wojtek , 18 Mar 2023it's kinda funny because years ago they had this polic... moreThat indeed is beyond absurd. I made fake accounts to buy chewing tobacco through facebook groups, because that was the only way to do so really. Within a week or two the accounts were locked and I was asked to prove that it's really me, so "they know the account is in the hands of the right person" (not a real person, but the right person) or something. I had no presence on social media otherwise, no posts, no nothing, they couldn't know if it's the right or wrong person, makes no sense. Absolute circus. And now they want 15$ for it on top of all that. :DD

              Facebook was originally a CIA project called Lifelog anyway, but it was transformed into this form where people willingly take part in distributing their own information to a US intelligence service and the rest of the world, unlike originally (where it was meant to be used for spying without the targets' knowledge). At the same time are so afraid of Tiktok.

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                • Wojtek
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                • 18 Mar 2023

                it's kinda funny because years ago they had this policy that all accounts have to be legitimate and using real first name / surname... guess that didn't work well and everyone just ignored dumb mark... and now they actually want user to pay for that 🤣

                  Vegetaholic, 18 Mar 2023Imagine what kind of looser you have to be to fall for this... more"Looser" lol

                    $179.88 a year 💀

                      You guys have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?!
                      Then again, when I meet some new girl I want to date, she immediately puts a yellow flag over my head, when I tell her I don't use any social media apps (except WhatsApp, and even this because of work).
                      So yeah, sadly we live in this kind of world.

                        Imagine what kind of looser you have to be to fall for this to pay to company just so they can show that you are legit user, instead this should come as standard security feature for all platform users for free :) I think it more and more becoming stupid to use social networks, all kind of stupid fees and so, soon they will force all users to pay something for using their crappy platforms and tell that social network should be a privelege to use :D

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                          • 18 Mar 2023

                          Is thins like pay them so they stop making money with your life? Of course not. Itis paying so they can make even more money with your life.

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                            • 18 Mar 2023

                            So... they ask me to pay them, for the information they are collecting about me, from the devices i already paid for, over the data i'm paying for, so they could sale it to 3rd partys as confirmed information.
                            Yep... right... I'm willing to bet that there will be enough idi**s who will agree to pay.

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                              • Sean
                              • gDB
                              • 18 Mar 2023

                              Officially deleted my Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts this week, couldn't feel better! Recommending this to all of you, it makes you appreciate life more and look around more. Also, Meta in my language means 'dead', fyi.

                                Wish that Facebook will make whole app as a paid one.
                                Then people will finaly withdrawn from it and will have free lifes like 50-100 years ago when there wasnt any internet, cell phones and stupid social media.

                                Best social media ever was toying with other on the sand and in area for childrens to play or just hang out with friends and enjoy a day.

                                Nowdays people are too much addicted to internet, social media and other bizzare crazy foolish apps.

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                                  • 18 Mar 2023

                                  People would give their ID to Facebook?

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                                    • 18 Mar 2023

                                    you have to suffer, 18 Mar 202312 dollar on the web and 15 dollar for mobile?? just straig... moreI think it's to pay Apple and Google for their App stores.

                                      Koishi Komeiji, 18 Mar 2023Mark just following Musk's footstep. just damn capital... morethey seem like to follow the trend.
                                      same goes with iphones, removing features that people mostly need. while other android oems follow suit.
                                      trendsetter at its finest. the world is so screwed up fr

                                        12 dollar on the web and 15 dollar for mobile?? just straight up capitalism. 3 dollar difference though. but why?
                                        does it mean that people bought the blue badge on the web, doesnt display on mobile platform??