OnePlus 11 Special Edition teased

22 March 2023
It is said to feature an industry-first back material.

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  • AnonD-731363
  • Lfw
  • 30 Mar 2023

When comes to endurance oneplus 11 is a very easy winner among most others when comes to everything else it outscored msot brands in most aspects.
Lets seee what does this one beauty.

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    • monke
    • CaX
    • 23 Mar 2023

    Anonymous, 22 Mar 2023Wow! This phone can zoom into Jupiter.Take that, S23 Ultra!

      I mean, I think the color scheme of jupiter itself would make a nice looking back.

      Idk how special this material is, but it can't be any more special than the sandstone finish that they ditched since the OP2.

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        • Anonymous
        • N5m
        • 22 Mar 2023

        A phone that has no structural strength, misses an advance wireless charging (80W+) and sincerely I don't really like the design of the back. This is a complete step back from the 9 Pro that from my view was the last decent phone from OnePlus

        Even if they wanted to release a special edition, where are the premium materials then? any premium glass? leather? different materials for the buttons or the frame?.

        Hope next year phone is better than this

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          • Anonymous
          • 39x
          • 22 Mar 2023

          Wow! This phone can zoom into Jupiter.

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            • oslikoff
            • mbx
            • 22 Mar 2023

            "Super exclusive pro + Special edition"... And what we get? Nothing+, for stupid price!!!

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              • Anonymous
              • pee
              • 22 Mar 2023

              Maybe just ceramic with looks of Jupiter.

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                • Urs
                • 33I
                • 22 Mar 2023

                cooling-off the phone is much more impressive and important to me than this!
                But hey, nice try!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • IW1
                  • 22 Mar 2023

                  Phantom Ensemble, 22 Mar 2023It's called a flagship killer for a reason, wireless c... moreI don't care about wireless charging. I care about USB 2.0. I always transfer using cable. :(

                    Still no MSN Tools for Custom ROM Development

                      Why are phone manufacturers obsessed with space when all they can do is just apply filters in moon shots

                      I'd take a space-edition phone if it is made of same materials as a space shuttle or can survive absolute zero temperatures.

                        • Feem
                        • jm$
                        • 22 Mar 2023

                        OnePlus is US Oppo.
                        BBK’s only presence in North America as far as I’m aware.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • dSV
                          • 22 Mar 2023

                          OnePlus need to make a larger, wider phone... as apple and Samsung have done... maybe call that a special edition. the existing tall & narrow screen is no extra use.
                          the OnePlus 11 is just a reincarnation of what's becoming the same old thing unfortunately.

                            A jupiter colored oppo?

                              • A.C
                              • 2IL
                              • 22 Mar 2023

                              Phantom Ensemble, 22 Mar 2023It's called a flagship killer for a reason, wireless c... moreThat's probably the average GSMArena people right there, LOL, they can't accept compromises for a certain price point.

                                Anonymous, 22 Mar 2023Still no wireless charging.It's called a flagship killer for a reason, wireless charging isn't really need when you have an 80/100w charger.

                                  An0n, 22 Mar 2023The way I see it now, OnePlus will be the global face of Op... moreMy view too since they announced longer software support on OnePlus

                                    you have to suffer, 22 Mar 2023Yes.Too bad

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                                      • An0n
                                      • txF
                                      • 22 Mar 2023

                                      The way I see it now, OnePlus will be the global face of Oppo, while Oppo will slowly become exclusive to China mainland. Of course, by being global, OnePlus will have lower grade than what Oppo is offering.

                                        Anonymous, 22 Mar 2023I had the OnePlus One and it had a sandstone finish on the ... morei love metal back phones, but they distribute more heat