Realme GT Neo5 SE will launch on April 3

23 March 2023
It will come with the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 SoC.

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  • 25 Mar 2023

Still impressive chip this was a underclock version of the Sd8gen1+ 👍🏼

    I live in France and I have a Realme GT neo 2...i get yesterday the Android 13 upadte with February security patch, thank you Realme, good job !
    I was previously on december 2022 security patch and Android 12...

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      • 24 Mar 2023

      joe nodden, 23 Mar 2023A non-flagship Qualcomm chip that doesn't suck?!?!?! T... moreits a non flagship chip but it still a PREMIUM chip and not a midrange chip...they step up the game by copying what mediatek did.

      flagship sd8 gen 2. D9200
      premium sd 7+ gen 2. D8200
      midrange sd 778 sd 695. D1080 D1300
      low entry sd 685 sd 680. Helio G35 G85

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        • Kostas Gangstar
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        • 24 Mar 2023

        Keeping an eye on this, Redmi Note 12 Turbo/it's global version and whatever else comes with d7gen2+, the more the better the chance of getting one with what many people want a lot: a freaking sd card slot! I need an upgrade very bad for gaming mainly and Qualcomm gave me 2 great options in a small period of time in the form of this chip and sd8gen2 with not only impressive power but good efficiency after the 8xx jokes made by Scamsung and the 778g and it's million clones (which while not bad are around the performance of a sd855 which in itself is also not bad but some things like Nintendo Switch emulation require lots of power). Having a 7xx chip with 1 million AnTuTu and a GPU better than sd888 feels like a dream but waiting is annoying lol

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          • 23 Mar 2023

          joe nodden, 23 Mar 2023A non-flagship Qualcomm chip that doesn't suck?!?!?! T... moreQualcomm finally woke up after their 7 gen 1 lost hard to the Dimensity 8000 series. The only question here is if they will price it competitively or just put the QC brand tax like the usual.

            A non-flagship Qualcomm chip that doesn't suck?!?!?! This can't be true.

              Impressive chipset.

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                • 23 Mar 2023

                What’s the point of hiding punch hole trash screen lol?

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                  • 23 Mar 2023

                  69GigawattCharging, 23 Mar 2023Jesus christ, 1million Antutu score on a non-flagship chip,... moreFunny story, Nanoreview gives more exact data, but they clearly claims that the scores are NOT official until an official device left their score.

                  So yeah, the troll is the user who claimed it. And even more, maybe said user used the score of the S7 Gen 1 and tried to pass it as the 7+ Gen 2 one.

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                    • 23 Mar 2023

                    When can we expect a GT3 Pro? Have they decided that the flagship market isn't for realme?

                      Jesus christ, 1million Antutu score on a non-flagship chip, what a great time to be alive.

                      I wonder where is NOK6600 who keeps claiming that the SD7+Gen2 is worse than a Dimensity1200 using Nanoreview scores posted by trolls. Dont judge a chip too early especially with a crappy site like nanoreview as a source.

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                        • 23 Mar 2023

                        Pierre sur internet, 23 Mar 2023Still waiting for any news about the availability of Realme... moreIn my country in Baltics we maybe have only C series of trash from Realme only so i dont hold my breath on it. Actually some GT Master was for some time also.

                          looks like its very good color! Remind me about GT Neo 2 Neo Blue color variant.

                            That actually looks really cool and fresh!

                              Still waiting for any news about the availability of Realme GT3 in European countries (France)...they gave the prices in US $ dollars, so maybee the launch is unsure ...

                                Dang that back looks stunning