Weekly poll: would you buy the Oppo Find X6 and Find X6 Pro if you could?

26 March 2023
You can always try importing one, but that comes with various issues like no support if the phone gets damaged. But if you could, would you get one of these?

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Anonymous, 26 Mar 2023The S23 Ultra is much more comfortable than the S22 Ultra, ... moreWhat on Earth are you talking about?!

They are both the same humongous size, both have sharp corners and the S23U is even heavier than the already brick like S22U.

A case? A case would make it even worse! What the...

    yalim, 01 Apr 2023I wrote here to comment about the article. you stop complai... moreno

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      • yalim
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      • 01 Apr 2023

      Jemlim, 01 Apr 2023Well, if so, then just get the S23 and stop complaining I wrote here to comment about the article. you stop complaining about other poeple's comments.

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        • 01 Apr 2023

        UltraHD, 31 Mar 2023Expensive, offers nothing better than Galaxy S23 (same pric... moreThe answer are cameras :
        - main 1" compare to 1/1.56" on S23/23 Plus and 1/1.3"
        - telephoto x3 1/1.56" vs cheap 10MP 1/3.52"....1/3.52" sensor on a flagships, it's a joke!
        - ultra wide 1/1.56" vs old 12MP 1/2.55"
        - cheap X10 on ultra 1/3.52"...in many cases, X10 or X30 pictures are better on Oppo even if it uses a X3 camera.
        X6 Pro camera setup is far better...sensors quality is far better. 1/3.52" or 1/2.55" have nothing to do on flagships!

        I even prefer by far the vanilla Find X6 over S23 and S23 Plus...the 3 devices uses a 1/1.56" main camera...but X6 keep the 1/1.56" X3 zoom of the Pro Model

        Not to say, Galaxy S uses to have throttling issues even with Snapdragon...more than Oppo, Xiaomi or Oneplus when there are using the same soc.

        Sad we don't have the X6 and X6 Pro in Europe...I can go for the vanilla X6

          yalim, 31 Mar 2023samsung,sony and asus gives this option for years. why go f... moreWell, if so, then just get the S23 and stop complaining

            UltraHD, 31 Mar 2023Expensive, offers nothing better than Galaxy S23 (same pric... moreHow does the software support suck though. They're offering 4 years of android updates and 5 years of security updates

              Jemlim, 31 Mar 2023No, why wouldn't you buy this phone?Expensive, offers nothing better than Galaxy S23 (same price range i believe), software support stinks, not available in Europe means horrible value or if something brakes no possible original parts for it, not a fan of their software design either and the phone looks ugly on the back. Not to mention that Oppo is almost non existent in my country, nobody uses/buys them here. Also no official stores are selling any Oppo from low to high end.

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                • 31 Mar 2023

                Jemlim, 31 Mar 2023Cmon man just get the iPhone 13 lolsamsung,sony and asus gives this option for years. why go for iphone only for size?
                besides,40% of iphone sales are 6.1" models. this option is a necessity for every flagship. once you get used to the comfortability of this size, you won't switch back to bigger ones.

                  UltraHD, 31 Mar 2023Because i wouldn't buy one? No? Never? No, why wouldn't you buy this phone?

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                    • George Aposporis
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                    • 31 Mar 2023

                    I want one oppo find x6 pro!

                      Jemlim, 31 Mar 2023And why?Because i wouldn't buy one? No? Never?

                        UltraHD, 26 Mar 2023No.And why?

                          Anders, 26 Mar 2023I don't care how good the cameras are, no headphone ja... moreSays the time traveller from 2012 who travelled all the way to the present.

                            yalim, 26 Mar 2023too big for my liking. They need a 6.1" version of this.Cmon man just get the iPhone 13 lol

                              AnonD-1091185, 27 Mar 2023I will buy X5 Pro much cheaper ok but who even asked

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                                • 30 Mar 2023

                                Its not a bad phone but hasselblad branding should be exclusive only for Oneplus phones.

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                                  • 29 Mar 2023

                                  dcdev, 28 Mar 2023Welcome to 2023. Today S23 and Zenfone 9 are compact smart... moreBefore year 2010 almost all smart phones were in size like iphone 4 or smaller. Did humans' hands become so much bigger in just 13 years?

                                    Hiatus, 29 Mar 2023Better than ur redmi anyway😂Redmi also isn't global. But nice weak attempt. Global means outside of your Asia.

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                                      • 29 Mar 2023

                                      Olympus Oms, 26 Mar 2023Nah. I don't like oneplus anymore. Better than ur redmi anyway😂

                                        potato4k, 29 Mar 2023Puhlease. Have you even used Oppo OS? These YouTubers are i... moreLike I said, it depends. And it depends on what you define as "bad" (objective vs subjective bad).

                                        I barely watch any YT reviewers nowadays other than GSMarena themselves and Chris from TechTablets, who is one of the most honest and respectable reviewers in my opinion. Chris never does reviews to please companies, he speaks the truth every time whether it's good or ugly. And yes I've used "OppoOS" aka ColorOS aka OxygenOS on my OP7, it sucks but only because I hate the UI. Others may like it.