Redmi A2 and Redmi A2+ quietly debut at the low-end

24 March 2023
The A2+ has a fingerprint sensor, and they both come with a QVGA auxiliary camera on the back.

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Redmi A2+ is good
Redmi A2 is TRASH😡

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    • 26 Mar 2023

    If this cost £100 it's just overpriced garbage with lots of drawbacks on top

    Xiaomi is actually overpriced brand with drawbacks
    And poor value for money

    I looked up what I could get for £100
    Well hotwav note 12 is only £91
    Basically 8gb ram 128gb storage & 6180 mah battery
    And real phone on sale without drawbacks

    Omg this phone is in a completely different league
    So a rock solid good phone does exist at this price point

      ke1fu, 25 Mar 2023they won't they need ads to keep price low and make mo... moreFair reason

        Suitable for those who are children, or for those who are unfamiliar with UI, trees, including parents

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          • ke1fu
          • HmH
          • 25 Mar 2023

          kevvv, 25 Mar 2023Bro... You know what? I hope their higher midrange phones a... morethey won't they need ads to keep price low and make more profit

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            • 25 Mar 2023


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              • 25 Mar 2023

              Kontoloyo , 25 Mar 2023So, no more Redmi 12a, this is the, xiaomi is just taking its time. full redmi 12 series is going to be released this year with MIUI

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                • 25 Mar 2023

                Hummus, 25 Mar 2023Resmi 12C is the replacement of both Redmi 10A and Redmi 10Cno, its not. redmi 12A, redmi 12C and redmi 12 (and maybe an even higher-end version also) are all going to be released, with MIUI.

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                  • 25 Mar 2023

                  AtomicMarrow147, 25 Mar 2023Microusb Android 12 2gb RAM Patheticmake your own phone brah.... keep on complaining like you're the one who are going to buy it if it's going to have any of those features you mentioned

                  if so, then you'll complain about the processor

                  if it comes with a good processor, you will complain about the price

                  keep crying in the corner

                    Sun Sand, 25 Mar 2023They could remove inbox charger (which also reduces box siz... moreSo you're that one of the people that supports removing charger from the box huh.

                      David, 25 Mar 2023Pity ‘Android Go’ is nothing like the old ‘Andriod One’ you... moreBro... You know what? I hope their higher midrange phones and also another brand following their step for using Stock Android like they did on this phone, since it's clean, lighter, and obviously, less buggy than most MIUI on midranges Redmi. Idk why so much people throw hate at Stock Android and call it "boring".

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                        • 8uS
                        • 25 Mar 2023

                        >charging is accomplished via microUSB
                        Really Xiaomi? In 2023? This better be at least 25% less expensive than Galaxy F04

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                          • 25 Mar 2023

                          They should scrap micro usb it sucks

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                            • 25 Mar 2023

                            I thought they maybe a bit more adventurous in the A2 I like they kept the design language of the A1 but they could of put a type c connection in with fast charge.

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                              • 25 Mar 2023

                              VuroBega, 25 Mar 2023Quietly debut where? or what country that will sell it firs... moreIndia ofcourse, where else this garbage will be dumped?

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                                • rej
                                • 25 Mar 2023

                                the audacity of xiaomi to release microusb devices in 2023

                                  The only saving grace for Redmi A2 and A2+ is if they will sell at the exact same A1 pricing (~USD75-85). I understand just how much corners were cut to make a sub-USD100 phone that isn't just a clone phone from unknown brands, but we can all agree that in this day and age where eMMC and LPDDR4 chips are dirt cheap, using 2/16 or 2/32 memory config is just unforgivable. At least give us 3/128 or 4/64 at this point.

                                    Iexist, 25 Mar 2023Nokia C12/C12 Pro vs Redmi A2/A2+ for most useless phone of... moreYou forgot Nokia C02, which uses a freaking 480p screen in this day and age, plus charging 100 euros for it

                                      Nokia C12/C12 Pro vs Redmi A2/A2+ for most useless phone of the year

                                        Even if one has an extremely restrictive budget I suggest saving for longer and buying a phone that will actually perform well for a long time