Vivo X Fold2 surfaces on AnTuTu wielding a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip

27 March 2023
The foldable packs 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and runs Android 13.

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PepperPot, 28 Mar 2023Interested to see what Vivo does. Unless you need google a... moreAgree. I still using Huawei Mate 20 pro till now. Reliable. But such a flagship without 5g, just doesn't make sense. Though it can download Google, I realized that Huawei is not able to update all the google apps on time. Lastly, Huawei X3 is very expensive. $2,6K to $3K to get foldable, wow.

    BearBear, 28 Mar 2023If it doesn't launch globally at the same time as its ... more"Outdated" - typo error

      If it doesn't launch globally at the same time as its launches in China, then it would be such a pity. Even if it launch months later, it would be considered as "updated" just like the Honor foldable. That's where Samsung comes with cutting edge with its phone able to launch globally at the same time. What a pity. If Oppo, Honor, Oneplus etc can launch at the same time globally as they launch in China, Samsung / Apple will have not a place to stand in the mobile phone market.

        Interested to see what Vivo does. Unless you need google apps and/or 5g, I would think the Mate X3 would be a better choice.

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          • Solih
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          • 27 Mar 2023

          anyway those score things from snapdragon and also bionic,

          antutu 1.3M for what?
          playing 2 ps5 games simultaneously on a smartphone?

            Is that 12mp the 5x tele? If its like that, it's so so.
            It's made probably thin. I wish they would keep on pushing for better sensors, but I guess it's such times of downgrading stuff.
            They will offer single premium feature, leave or downgrade the others, make it cheap to build and sell for the same.
            So hard to upgrade from my hi spec phone.

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              • 27 Mar 2023

              Please release this worldwide