Chinese HTC One 802w has microSD card slot, two SIMs

03 April, 2013
The Chinese HTC One, headed for China Unicom, has removable back cover, hidden secrets too.

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  • AnonD-122895

Surprisingly battery is still covered o.O

  • brat

better than the original one hahaha

  • Common_636

So my guess here is that this wasnt carved out of a single block of aluminum. What the hell is htc doing?

If this phone was the global ONE HTC would have surely sparked alot more interest. But i guess they wanted to do the whole "unibody" $h!t

  • AnonD-99939

WAHHHHHH... I want this to be the global version. HTC, what the hell are you doing. Do you want your company to come out of shit or not???

  • hTc Fanboy

WTF?The dual sim,memory expandable and back removable version for china only?What about rest of the world¿¿¿¿¿&iq­uest;¿

  • tan

not fair HTC