Sony WF-C700N TWS earphones debut, WH-1000XM5 get Midnight Blue color

03 April 2023
The new TWS earbud bring adaptable ANC and up to 10-hours of playback on a single charge.

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  • J
  • Jim
  • n1d
  • 07 Aug 2023

Any chance of some instructions for once, it would be nice to know I wasn't just guessing!

    • K
    • Kratos
    • 3xB
    • 08 Apr 2023

    Time to compare it with IEMs and do a nonsensical review..

      • T
      • Tom
      • trU
      • 05 Apr 2023

      I have the c500, excellent tws, not sure what did they upgrade in c700. Moreover I prefer if they release a xb700 heir

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • 3xx
        • 04 Apr 2023

        I think I'll stick to the C-500's.

          • J
          • Janssen
          • MGm
          • 04 Apr 2023

          Anonymous, 03 Apr 2023Poor quality headphones, sound great with great noise cance... moreReally? Using silver version since last October. Nothing happens. Stop spreading lies.

            At 130 Euro I think the linkbuds S is a better deal for the price usually drops to $140.

              Anonymous, 03 Apr 2023Poor quality headphones, sound great with great noise cance... moreYeah the build on this model has gone down by a lot. I still have my MDR1000X that I got near release and they've held up great.

                • H
                • Hayry
                • XRx
                • 04 Apr 2023

                My WF-XM4 went dead after 1 and half year of use. Poor materials they used though took a lot money.

                  • P
                  • Peter H
                  • 2CH
                  • 03 Apr 2023

                  The day I start wearing Sony instead of Bose or Sennheisers is the day I should be sectioned. Who cares what they look like. Sound Quality is KING

                    the colors of the earbuds are extremely similar to to those of the galaxy a54 :p

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • 3G$
                      • 03 Apr 2023

                      Poor quality headphones, sound great with great noise cancelling but headband material falling apart after just afew months, not up to the same standard as xm4s or 3s

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 8N3
                        • 03 Apr 2023

                        Bad design, reminds of airpods max

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • xq5
                          • 03 Apr 2023

                          Not bad. But I prefer black/gray for all electronics.