Facebook Home for Android is official, coming April 12

04 April, 2013
The Facebook Home launcher will focus on people and interactions and put them in front of apps.

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  • AnonD-14841

AnonD-58527, 05 Apr 2013WP hasn't the power to handle having Facebook launcher. Dua... moreNo this is because wp doesn't allow the replacement of home launcher

Facebook already has full support in the people hub of wp

Please stop acting like this and get some information before you form an opinion

  • GHz

The CIA (Facebook) is gonna get you!

  • Lapax

So it's for people who's lives revolves around FB? So you will be updated with info like if Tim farted or Suzi broke a nail everytime you turn on your phone. Wonderful!
Why don't they improve their FB app first?

  • AnonD-102477

AnonD-58527, 05 Apr 2013WP hasn't the power to handle having Facebook launcher. Dua... moreit isn't that WP can't handle quadcore or octa core.. it just temporary WP doesn't need quadcore to running on their OS, because dual core already capable running the os just like IOS, why they need quadcore when dual core is enough, that will just drained the battery life. the reason android were chosen are simply because it's open source to allow facebook customize it.
this fansboy really pissed me off, every OS is good so please stop spreading hate to other OS

  • AnonD-132644

xperia miro,u p& z device will support facebook home

  • naaf

not on the HTC OneX?

  • someone888

that's stupid application on smarthpone.. LOL

  • r

great app for making people more unsocial

  • Anonymous

Only High End Smartphones Why???

  • AnonD-8003

Maybe you guys hope too much.. I think HTC just want to say that they have new phone integrated with Facebook. while the launcher itself will available to download on 12th.

  • AnonD-8003

AnonD-5888, 05 Apr 2013Sorry, but what is 'Facebook'??? where have you been?

  • AnonD-33463

Why not n4?its a priority right?

  • AnonD-111717

improve facebook app on android, maybe?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-58527, 05 Apr 2013WP hasn't the power to handle having Facebook launcher. Dua... moreI'm a droid user but droid fan boys like this annoy me. WP is more than capable of handling this but the reason they chose droid only is it's the only OS at present that is easily customisable without having to jailbreak/root/hack your device first!

  • AnonD-5888

Sorry, but what is 'Facebook'???

  • Anonymous

Nothing to say. You guys speak my mind on this one. STUPID! Ya that right.

  • sgr

IMO, this is a bad idea and I don't think it'll make use of the full potential of high-end droids. I mean, a launcher? Seriously?

  • AnonD-58527

WP hasn't the power to handle having Facebook launcher. Dual cores don't cut it.

Android is the only OS than can handle quadcores and 8 cores. Facebook knew that as well in selecting the
best OS able to handle this task.

  • AnonD-80582

So this is gon` be a launcher? I take it this is for FB addicts. Not a great idea. Useless.

  • Anonymous

Kairo, 05 Apr 2013Is it free on Google Play Store? Or is it paid?It will be free but is not out yet. It's due on 12/04/13.