Infinix Note 30 VIP unboxing

13 June 2023
Here's all the accessories you can get with the Infinix Note 30 VIP.

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  • rJ4
  • 13 Jun 2023

Wireless chargers are just wastage of money and electricity.

Wireless charging consumption is almost 2x in comparison to wired chargers and let alone it's effects on long term battery life.

Anyways, keep it up Intinix. It's good to see some companies still provide essential accessories in the box.

    whyyo, 13 Jun 2023with terrible UI why they always do that, this soc with ... moreAdmittedly, this is already a stark improvement from previous iterations of XOS. XOS had an objectively terrible UI and even worse than the version came with the Note 30 VIP. Just don't expect something as neat as OneUI or other big brand phones and you're good to go.

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      • nIq
      • 13 Jun 2023

      I like infinix always had good experiences with them

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        • whyyo
        • u7V
        • 13 Jun 2023

        with terrible UI

        why they always do that, this soc with this camera with oled screen or whatever but always with trash UI

          with a full review I am very grateful if GSMArena made it.