ACEFAST 65W GaN3 transparent charger (A45/A46/A47) review

06 September 2023
We take a closer look at the transparent ACEFAST 65W GaN3 charger.

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  • RobertR
  • ajN
  • 07 Sep 2023

Wait until GSMArena discovers Anker, then we will see real chargers

    60 freaking buckeroos for a 65W charger?

      I didn't know a charger review could be possible 😭

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        • cyber
        • S2D
        • 06 Sep 2023

        good design sells but this is a power brick after all

          So many chargers. When will the manufacturer made and release an RGB charger?

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            • Ljq
            • 06 Sep 2023

            > it's not too far off from alternative offers from brands like Anker, UGREEN or Baseus either
            It IS very far off the alternatives.
            Baseus equivalent charger costs about $20 for the same specs, on aliexpress choice, and is a better product from a better brand.

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              • 0p}
              • 06 Sep 2023

              AI Temperature control?? It will have the most unreliable tempetature controll ever.

                ALIEXPRESS has oneplus 65W leftovers for under $20
                keep in mind, heat kills batteries.

                  It looks amazing and supports all the fast charging protocols and has multiple ports, but for the price ($60) you would expect it to support more than just 65 Watts.

                  Especially considering it's from a no-name Chinese brand.

                    Lol thanks but no, my belkin charger is under my bed, and i didn’t see it from 2 years ago, still working pretty fine 😂

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                      • gor
                      • FZQ
                      • 06 Sep 2023

                      Where is review, it is just copy-paste text from site. Does it reset voltage on one port, if another is connected ? Can it really supply 65w ? If two devices are connected, what protocols are available ? Can it fast charge two samsung phones simultaneously ? Phone and laptop ? What is the mas temperature on max load ? Not too hot is not an answer in a review. How efficient is it ? Does it have PFC ?

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                        • hmm
                        • J9W
                        • 06 Sep 2023

                        Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023Well the important thing is you can see the innards & c... moreThat transparent cover to see what is inside is same as to look trough key hole what is inside the room behind the door

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                          • 0}V
                          • 06 Sep 2023

                          39.99€ Amazon Germany + 30% off [30.09.]

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                            • utz
                            • ndi
                            • 06 Sep 2023

                            The price is incorrect. It currently costs 40€ on Amazon germany and there is an additional 30% coupon. So realistically this costs around 30€, which is a much more reasonable price for a 65W GaN charger.

                              60 dollars for a 65w charger?? in AliExpress one of 100w 15 dollars, which is also expensive! If that continues like this, very soon we will have to buy the cell screen separately

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                                • sk8
                                • 06 Sep 2023

                                A charger review!? Wow, my life is suddenly so meaningful.

                                  The equivalent of the Acefast charger I bought is the central image Dual port.

                                  Great to see that Gsmarena has emphasized the point. When you see these chargers advertised the wattage displayed is the TOTAL wattage combined

                                  I know a lot of people are extremely annoyed that esp Samsung does not include a charger.

                                  Even if you don't accept the reason given it is a small additional one off purchase and that's it. Accessorise the way you want!

                                  Those of you who already know, know those if you who don't.
                                  The handset upper charge limit cannot be exceeded by having a faster charger

                                  Next cabling factors into this
                                  E.g. the Xiaomi 13 Pro supplied with a 120W charger with USB-A port, and a 6A-rated cable
                                  (Watts equals Volts multiplied by Amps 20x6)

                                  Your charging speed would fall to 65 Watts in this case or whatever the maximum wattage is of the charger being used.

                                  Standard Type C cables must be 60 watt 20 volts 3 amps, if my maths is correct exactly 1/2 of the Xiaomi supplied cable

                                  As I can't see the actual charger port, say if you connected a standard Type C cable to the Xiaomi charger only 60 Watts is delivered despite being a 120 Watt charger

                                  Usb is the slowest way to charge.


                                  But hey when 6G arrives and due to extreme customer pressure you will be able to top up your Electric Vehicle by connecting it to your phone
                                  Except Apple the above would be new technology

                                    this charger costs $60 with 65W, now think about how much it costs 100W, 150W, 200W given free from a Chinese brand.

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                                      • uS%
                                      • 06 Sep 2023

                                      hmm, 06 Sep 2023All these so called transparent electronics just look like ... moreWell the important thing is you can see the innards & check whether it's fake or not as you can see the electronics inside.

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                                        • hmm
                                        • J9W
                                        • 06 Sep 2023

                                        hmm, 06 Sep 2023All these so called transparent electronics just look like ... moreAlso way cheaper to wrap your charger with cooking plastic and you also have a transparent charger