QWERTY-packing Nokia Asha 210 goes official

24 April, 2013
The featurephone comes in both single SIM and dual-SIM flavors and brings an entry level feature set.

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  • AnonD-134497

AnonD-139029, 24 Apr 2013And again, nokia dual sim doesn't support whatsapp, so dissapointed..Where does it says it doesn't support what's app in dual sim? Care to elaborate...

  • AnonD-134497

OMG! Nokia has really pushed beyond it's limits this time. This is the most affordable entry level package Nokia have announced yet with the exception of Lumia 520. Are you kidding me? Every daily life feature tightly packed in a single entry level phone with a huge battery life.

Dedicated Whats app button, what else would you need with a QWERTY Phone. Wifi, Dual sim. Just pretty much all I can say is WOW. Take my money and give it to me now.

72$ is like super crazy. This much cheap and this phone features much around every thing. Seems like Nokia is now moving towards the positive direction. This is what we call innovation and positive consumption of revenue earned by consumers. Just superb Nokia. Well done, nothing more to say :D

On the other hand, those die hard fan boys who just won't satisfy with anything Nokia do. Get a life, stop living in the fantasy, give up your hatred and show some maturity because there is NOTHING to criticize about this type of entry level phone.

  • Anonymous

the black looks awesome

  • AnonD-139029

And again, nokia dual sim doesn't support whatsapp, so dissapointed..

  • wong ndeso

Maybe better have front camera usefull video call...thanks

  • AnonD-56684

Quite a looker this one among the feature phones.design language seems to be inspired by the lumias.

  • AnonD-3234

The design reminds me of Motorola ex226 same design !!

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2013big big big disappointment...entry level phone with qwerty. bla bla bla.

  • Anonymous

big big big disappointment...

  • nys...

for me Nokia did a great phone.........
its delicious range of colors, toggled with WiFi and easy swap makes it newer look of budget phone....

  • rahul

sexy phone at reasonable price...

  • fun9

cute n nice, well done, asha is really a hope, especially 4 low end. Good job nokia, lumia is switching its wings to fly n influence the asha too.

  • AnonD-131714

The camera sucks if its only 2Mp, but it supports WiFi, and the 'Nokia's renowned long battery life: up to 46 days with Single-SIM and up to 24 days with Dual-SIM'

I rather settle to single SIM, and if the price is right, take my money!

  • AnonD-139021

Same OS, Same icons... fed up with nokia

  • AnonD-127578

it will be available for european countries or not?????

  • AnonD-123718

AnonD-139018, 24 Apr 2013is ths lumia lineup?????????The name of the phone is ASHA 210 ofcoz its "lumia line up" -_-

  • AnonD-127578

it will be available or not?????

  • AnonD-139018

is ths lumia lineup?????????

  • AnonD-121108

My next Cellphone :)

  • Avinash

For Me this type of mobile is more than enough .... Becoz i can't afford Hi-End Mobiles... Nokia U are the undisputed king in this segment... i'll definitely get this one