WinMo Asus Glaxy7 wants a piece of the action

15 Sep, 2008
The unofficial debut of an Asus device is heralded today by a bunch of live pictures leaked on the web. Rumor has it the Asus Glaxy7 features a massive touchscreen...

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  • for what tv-out?

err.... for presentation on a projector? ... what a question.

u think everyone likes to carry a notebook around?

  • Anonymous

now they have a o2 xda zest with the same code name and different specs. Does anyone know if they suddenly change the model or are they still going to make this phone ?

  • Anonymous

This phone is suppose to come out like in october as promised but is not even out yet and now is november. So when is asus planning to release this phone or are they going to let htc touch hd, samsung omnia, se x1, etc takeover and discard this phone model?!

  • Somebody

for what TV out? You don't have a PC??

  • Anonymous

So , No TV out , Fm radio or flash !!!!

waiting for the final specs

  • Anonymous

Asus is always tops in quality. Not even HP or Dell can come close to it.
I bought an Asus laptop in 2002, then Asus pda in 2003.
The laptop is still in good working condition. The only damage thru the years of abuse is the charger socket becoming loose.
The pda, 620BT, was stolen last year. Otherwise, i'd still be using it till now.
I've tried another Windows Mobile smartphone from O2. It was good. Nice features. But the keypad, joystick, and the rear of portion of the body wears down in less than a year. So i have to change it.
Now i'm back to Asus again. P525. Have been using this for 8 months. Still in pristine condition. An O2 or HP with my style of abusive use would have given up by now.
I've been wanting to upgrade to P750. For the 3G and GPS features. But this P525 is too good to give up.

Anyway, all this ranting of mine just goes to say, when Asus brings out a high-end product, you can bet it is top quality and very durable. It's almost indestructible until, well, it gets stolen. (Of course, with normal use. I mean, don't bang it on the floor or dip it into the pool.)

  • John

This phone will destroy the competition in the current and future hadsets that are out and coming out as the trackball is much better than the omnia and if it has the specs it will kill off the i phone because there are millions more users of windows than apple and the compatability therefore will be a million times better. Also being given the option of either a trackball or touch offers better user UI for the customer all this put together should see off the competion without hesitation.

  • geek

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2008i don't know... this thing's specs not as good as the other manu... moreBad luck for u , cause i have 3 mboards and 2 graphics , had no problem at all , i can say thats the best periphels for me, compabilites awesome, also got a laptop no ploblem at all.
I can understand u , but just because u had problems doesn't mean that asus produts are not good .
If it was , what about nokia probaly the mobile with most problems at all and everyone think the still the best

  • Anonymous

i don't know... this thing's specs not as good as the other manufacturer's specs.
beside, i have bad experience with asus computer peripherals.
so i guess, i won't buy it.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]WinMo is 100 times better than Symbian so SHUT UP

  • geek

MDK, 16 Sep 2008This looks as if its going to rival the iphone.omg someone said it's rival to iphone ! lol
there's no rival to iphone , never a phone will be such weak , and less value like iphone , iphone it's just an ipod that can make calls sucks a lot .

  • raz

wow... this really looks like an all in one device
thumbs up for ASUS now...
as for hands on we have to wait...
whats bugging me is how lag will it be

  • MDK

This looks as if its going to rival the iphone.

  • trinny

I'm well impressed with this latest offering from Asus, hope it lives up.

  • CSingh

Asus? Wow, thats amazing asus makes some of the best laptop's period. i can see them becoming a major player in the smartphone world i guess they wanna give HTC a run for there money for King of Taiwan.

  • czbird

u sure it's Glaxy and not Galaxy? As Galaxy is a codename for almost all Asus PDA's before they reach the market...

  • anti mandarina duck

I dont know what the hell you are talking about mandarina duck..
this is complete ludacris. I am a big fan of the symbian program and I helped devolpe it myself. You can turn you phone into an absolute smart phone using the symbian protocols.
Anyway you just keep hitting them ducks, while I eat them for diner..!!

  • mandarina duck

If you are somewhat of a professional, in which trade at all if it is IT or business, winMo is better then Symbian. It just gives you much more compatibility options with your office/client computers/servers/IIS (sharepoint server) Nothing of this nature can be established by symbian. Symbian is for users who want a smartphone thats not smart. Mandarina Duck 8.1 pro is still the operation system for me though, it offers all kind of synching options like. Mandarina sync PRO. Or hot lewd ducks (a-gps with vibration function) Or how about this app: DFTWOY! (Duck For The Way Ow Yeah!)

  • hargs48

yeah I fully agree with Bakhti,S60 would make more sense...we need more manufacturer making S60 smartphones...Symbian is way less resource hungry & more efficient than WinMob...

  • Anonymous

LED flash is useless anyway, unless it's Xenon (and a good one) then it makes very little difference whether it has a Flash or not. I think this will be a decent offering by Asus, Trackball makes sense and WinMo works well now days. People that say "It's WinMo therefore it's rubbish" obviously haven't tried it in the last 12 months.