Oppo unveils 6.9mm thin mid-ranger, the R809T

25 April, 2013
The rumor mill had the R809T pegged at 6.1mm, but reality proved to be a little thicker.

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  • Abdelrahman

i have thise phone now

  • Matt

Oppo first got the title as the world's slimmest mobile phone.

Oppo R809T With The Size Of 6:13 Millimeter Ready To Become Thinnest Android Mobile Phones In The World

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  • AnonD-51244

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2013There is such things as too thin. Try holding it sideways to tak... moreWhat do you mean its hard holding it sideways ? You cleary have small hands. Just hold it horizontally then tilt it to the left. -_- and thicker doesn't always mean bigger battery, in this case it's making it longer for thinnest.

  • vishwa

there is nothing diff cmp with other phone!!!

  • Karshim

Its priced at 2500 Yuan and will be sold in China only. That's a good pricing set for Oppo Phone

  • Anonymous

There is such things as too thin. Try holding it sideways to take a picture/video. It's hard to hold it. I wouldn't mind it a bit thicker if it meant a bigger battery.

  • Humping

AnonD-324, 25 Apr 2013Where do we get these damn Oppo phones in India? Cheers!!go to ebay.in and type in oppo in the search, hit the enter key on your keyboard, gently, dont break the keyboard and voila. like magic some Oppo phones would appear for sale.

  • AnonD-324

Where do we get these damn Oppo phones in India?


  • Anonymous

123outFive, 25 Apr 2013Making fake promiseswth dude do you know what a rumor means

  • 123outFive

Making fake promises