Touch Diamond gets as white as snow

16 Sep, 2008
It seems that HTC are prepping a new white jacket for their Touch Diamond. Dressed in snow white, the new Diamond will be out by October winning some more market share for HTC...

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  • JaggzInAus

I think instead of changing the color the back should be redesigned to sit evenly on surfaces and it's jsut plain ugly.

  • ....

ghassemik, 22 Sep 2008instead of using make up to make it nicer, you better change th... moreu shoud charge your mobile for 16 hours while its off.just after youve purchased your mobile.

  • ghassemik

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2008A lot of people might loose their appetite on HTCinstead of using make up to make it nicer, you better change the weak batterie in Diamod which i'm charging twice a day.

  • llabros

prety good

  • Arasu

there are many accessories providers who will be able to able to provide covers in different colors. HTC should have come out with 'all white' phone (I mean the front parts as well)

  • mobrev

I agree! Its just a waste of time. Its good that they want to offer the handset in white but the worst thing, its black from front and white at the back making it look pathetic.

  • Anonymous

Gimicky and not well executed. Lacks the panache of the Omnia and iPhone in white. Waste of time imo

  • Dani

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2008its like saying snow white was black...loll???

  • Anonymous

body's color should b fully white

  • Anonymous

its like saying snow white was black...loll

  • nikra

very uggly in this color

  • Mai

Front facial should be white too!

  • Anonymous

"it looks like a milky bar choo"


damn ugly

  • Anonymous

A lot of people might loose their appetite on HTC

  • Daone69

why not make the entire phone white instead of just the back. it looks untidy and really isnt as white as snow if the fronts black now is it

  • cindy

additional colour but no improvement in the battery life..............disappointment

  • alex_kun07

the phone is good but i rather choose apple's white iphone 3g...

  • siraj

it looks like a milky bar choo

  • Anonymous

it looks even better~! keep em coming HTC

  • xaoc

hmm.. yeah thats true.. the o2 atom did get a white housing too. it looked great, seems like theres no point in arguing.. the o2 atom did get a white jacket long before apple did it to the iphone, long before samsung omnia.. lol.. gsmarena cannot say tht it was a trend set by apple.. (: even if the other manufacturers who did do it, did it to phones that are old and no one cared bout.. which isnt entirely true either.. the o2 atom exec was one of the best of its time. wht bout nokia n82? maybe nokia didnt do black and WHITE... but they've been producing phones in somethin like silver or WHITE.. and then a few months later they sell the same damn thing out in black.. what were they doin? chagin the jacket coloor cuz they were bored? :P~~