Caviar announces Barbiecore designs for iPhone 15 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Watch Series 9

21 August 2023
Yes, the company is really offering a custom design for an unreleased smartphone.

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kiasunkiasi, 22 Aug 2023unfortunately my annual medical report says otherwiseOk then

    the color looks like magenta, but with more purple to it.
    I can't describe the "Hot Pink" name.

      safin asa, 21 Aug 2023Surely, You may get sign that you're colorblind.unfortunately my annual medical report says otherwise

        • D
        • Diamon
        • Ki8
        • 21 Aug 2023

        Honestly looks pretty dope & elegant 🤩

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • gJN
          • 21 Aug 2023

          Too bulky.. it takes the elegance design way from it devices. There are better looking fake stuff, even for showing off status and sacrifice confort, well i preffer to use something else.

            These designs look pretty neat (although expensive but that's Caviar for you)! I sure hope the comment section of this news article isn't toxic!

              • S
              • Sabiraesmail
              • ft}
              • 21 Aug 2023

              Cool i love it why not do barbie for big mobille phones samsun ones and google ones please

                Mark, 21 Aug 2023I wonder if all that good will affect the Flip 5's max... moreI Have The Same Question, Someone Needs To Test This!

                  kiasunkiasi, 21 Aug 2023my mind keeps telling me the images are purple, not pinkSurely, You may get sign that you're colorblind.

                    Why They Don't Make A Galaxy Watch Barbie edition too?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CbA
                      • 21 Aug 2023


                        my mind keeps telling me the images are purple, not pink

                          • Y
                          • Y
                          • 33I
                          • 21 Aug 2023

                          How are these bunch of clowns still on the market?

                            • A
                            • AngryLithuanian
                            • dSW
                            • 21 Aug 2023

                            Oh my god 🤢

                              Only psychopaths would buy Caviar just for their phone to look like something like a pink crocodile.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • 3SL
                                • 21 Aug 2023

                                SShock, 21 Aug 2023I wonder, who buys this stuff? Who decides to pay 15000 buc... moreI remember a Caviar iPhone that had Trump and Putin on the back. So maybe Russian oligarchs


                                    • o
                                    • oxyo
                                    • Kgb
                                    • 21 Aug 2023

                                    Absolutely NOT Barbie Pink 🤦

                                      This one looks impressive to be honest.
                                      But wouldnt sell my company for an Aple phone.

                                        • M
                                        • Mami Oni
                                        • y6V
                                        • 21 Aug 2023

                                        Anonymous, 21 Aug 2023Caviar should also do a Galaxy Note Oppenheimer EditionNote7 Flashbacks