Google Pixel 8 Pro leaks on Google Store

30 August 2023
The Pixel 8 series is expected to launch in October.

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  • vaS
  • 30 Aug 2023

[deleted post]But which company doesn't like Blackrock and ESG monies? 🤑🤑🤑

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    • docktor
    • MZx
    • 30 Aug 2023

    Thanks, I dont want an owen.

      I wish there were more leaks about the satellite connectivity a la iphone 14

        Anonymous, 30 Aug 2023Pixel 8 has size of s23 S23 is a little smaller still, but this article is about pixel 8 pro

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          • 8N3
          • 30 Aug 2023

          Pixel 8 has size of s23

            Expect to launch at October with android 14 out the box
            Is so android 14 is officially coming in October
            But I'm going to say that is coming September 6-16
            A month or at least 3 weeks before the pixel 8 launch

              Hopefully they'll keep the 899$ price

                Pixels should start coming with 3 charging speeds and 3 different adapters...

                25w for those who want slow charging
                45w if they want it a tad faster, and
                65w for those who want the full charging speed.

                They should also add the option to not have any charger in the box for those who already have chargers from previous devices.

                Some of us need fast charging. I prefer to have my phone fully charged in 30 minutes. Some don't like fast charging, so they can choose the slower chargers.

                  Careless Google.

                    Hope all flagships start shipping with 48MP and abovr sensors, for all cameras.

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                      • mmc
                      • 30 Aug 2023

                      Look the watch ! Is the New Pixel watch 2 !?

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                        • nC4
                        • 30 Aug 2023

                        Seems like its Pixel Watch 2 too, seems flatter.

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                          • 3SL
                          • 30 Aug 2023

                          The headline „iPhone 15 Pro leaks on Apple Store“ would be unimaginable.

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                            • 30 Aug 2023


                            I hope they solve battery life and especially VoLTE issues in some countries.

                            Samsung, iPhones and even Motorola or Xiaomi phones all work fine with VoLTE in my country, but even while Google does officially sell the Pixels here, VoLTE stabilty is spotty at best.

                            As for battery, had the 6 Pro and 7 Pro, the battery life when looking at the capacity is mediocre, Tensor chip really needs to step up that game, because the Pixel 5 had much better battery life and standby in comparison.

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                              • Carol
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                              • 30 Aug 2023

                              "leaks on google store" is a big word, more like they put it there intentionally...

                                Looks good. Camera visor appears to be higher than before