The Galaxy Z Fold5 Thom Browne special edition is coming on September 7

30 August 2023
Samsung has a long standing collaboration with the New York-based fashion designer.

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bluedragon1eye, 31 Aug 2023"Cringe" edition 🤡🤡🤡Typical hater thought since this business decision does not align with what you want.

But oh well nobody wants to have things unique to them:
Not in the various caes, ringtones, decals, wallpapers or icon packs available right?! Right?

Since the original Thom Browne and Juun.J collaboration we've seen many other Chinese manufacturers do the same.
Coca-Cola co-branded special edition smartphones,
Transformers - Decepticons and Bumble-Bee edition limited smartphones that include wallpapers sound effects, icon pakcs wallpapers, even down to the power brick and SIM ejetion tool.
various other fashion brands like Apple's Watch Edition featuring leather straps exclusively from aonther leather company.

Look around you you'll find your cringe post is highly illogical at best and worst childish.

    Anonymous, 30 Aug 2023What is a Tom Brown?I'll do you one better. Why is Tom Brown?

      Do you really seriously think people in this day and age actually care about Thom Browne? Oh boy this special edition is going to flop badly.

        Anonymous, 30 Aug 2023What is a Tom Brown?an out-of-date brand which some cool kids would wear at schools to get bullied asap.

          "Cringe" edition 🤡🤡🤡

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • nD@
            • 30 Aug 2023

            What is a Tom Brown?

              Just stick a sticker on the phone and apply Thom Browne theme. Simple.

                • Y
                • Yesong lee
                • R@f
                • 30 Aug 2023

                I want it

                  Read the article

                  Whilst the spec edition are just that, if this becomes a a trend the value will increase exponentially the more limited you hold
                  Unless you are first in you will never see this item at it mmrp launch price

                  The two sets Juun.J and Thom Browne are quite attractive