Honor V Purse concept is an outward foldable phone that you can carry as a purse

01 September 2023
It has interchangeable straps and chains that you can use to carry the V Purse around your shoulder. And it has fashionable Always On Display designs too.

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  • 06 Sep 2023

I want it, now: Qualcomm 5G worldphone with certified Google Android appset and competitively $. If Honor produces it for USA market, I'll purchase a bunch as gifts for all my loved ones!!

    I am not a woman but always liked the idea of an outward folding screen. Really fancied that Huawei Mate X and Xs folds. But hey they just came out just when Trump ruined Huawei and western relationships. I wouldn't worry about phone theft from where I am from at all. Crime is everywhere of course but where I live it is miniscule it's not even something anyone ever considers when purchase a phone at all to use all times of the day and anywhere really. There is indeed a lot of countries with similar conditions so it will sell where it suits the market. In unsafe countries women do handle their purses differently anyway, so why would they handle this phone differently?

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      • s8c
      • 04 Sep 2023

      Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023That's why we have concept phonesExactly. This isn't worthy of production, so exists as a concept

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        • 03 Sep 2023

        srsly, 03 Sep 2023Nothing yelled ROB/ ASSAULT me better than a clueless femal... moreNot everywhere in the world is unsafe. There are lots of super safe countries that no one would think about robberies.

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          • 03 Sep 2023

          Nothing yelled ROB/ ASSAULT me better than a clueless female with a phone that look like a purse?!

          I guess security (device & owner) is no longer important right??

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            • 03 Sep 2023

            Anonymous, 01 Sep 2023I didn’t want to call it a beyond stupid idea. “It is ... moreYeah. They would've contributed more to the environment if they didn't make it since no resources and energy would be wasted. Now they made one with a disposable form factor/build quality.

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              • 03 Sep 2023

              Guile6, 02 Sep 2023Since majority users here are male. They're gonna desp... moreBecause majority of products made for women do not make sense. This group also complained how big smartphones have become (based on an old gsma article) but that only happened because makers are catering to them.

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                • 02 Sep 2023

                Guile6, 02 Sep 2023Since majority users here are male. They're gonna desp... moreNaw, this is pretty neat. :D

                  This design is thief-friendly and you can see where your woman is holding her phone xddd

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                    • 02 Sep 2023

                    Why is it that only Chinese brands are innovating whereas the traditional old skool brands are releasing the same stuff every year? 20 years ago this would have been a Nokia or Sony concept.

                      Since majority users here are male. They're gonna despise it.

                        now instead of thieves having to steal your phone from your purse, they just have to steal the purse itself which is already your phone. makes easier for them.

                          It reminds me Siemens Xelibri lines.
                          When manufacturers loose all the idea they forge the mist cringe thing that their sciencist will ahve in mind and present it as a something absolutely unique.
                          Here are the results.

                            crispcketlicker, 01 Sep 2023I think the idea is not to use this while in the streets...... moreKnowing how the world is full of rainbow hair and confused gender role and such im sure there's those that think that walking around with this won't put them at risk of being robbed so yea.

                              I've always liked the idea of outward folding phones, but can I just say this is the most stupid campaign for such type of phones I've ever seen...

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                                • 01 Sep 2023


                                  MihaiRo, 01 Sep 2023Looks as a good invitation for thiefs to steal the phone :)))I think the idea is not to use this while in the streets... I mean, someone sane wouldn't hop on the bus with something like that. That's something you would take to a fine dine, gala events...

                                    that's how LG experimented with rotating screens with double screens...and ended up in history...apparently honor is trying that....for a couple of years now, they've only been copying Huawei...so they've adopted designers from Anema...and for what they get paid if this all the same

                                      Ouifuf, 01 Sep 2023Designer was on grade A ganja. This is such a weird design.... moreLooks cringe.

                                        Looks as a good invitation for thiefs to steal the phone :)))