Honor V Purse concept live photo gallery

01 September 2023
Check out Honor's concept V Purse in the fashionable flesh.

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  • knM
  • 10 Sep 2023

Hurry to get: Play Protect, Google Android Certified, Qualcomm Snapdragon.
Ignore the naysayer noise, and drive hard to bring it to market ASAP.

    I love this discussion. Oh, they are so brave, why no one else thought of that?
    That's simple, every other manufacturer does not make 99% of its sales in China, does not have to make PR stunts like this just to remind other it actually still exists and does not waste money/R&D on dumb ideas.
    Oh, so brave! ... No, so desperate.

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      • bEC
      • 04 Sep 2023

      Make up can be replaced by filters, cash by mobile payment, how about car and house key if they are not connected to smart home? I think if I purchase such small handbag,I will need to take a bigger bag with me to put phone purse and house key in.

        OK, kudos for the creativity put into this concept! In a time, where most phones look pretty much the same, this is actually a refreshing idea, that may or may not find its fans.
        Personally, I don't see the functionality or any form of use case and moreover, I think that these ugly camera lenses actually distract a lot from the idea of blending with the dress colors.
        So, here are two recommendations:
        1. make that white plastic element at the top hollow so the user can indeed store some money, maybe some matches etc inside and come closer to the very definition of "purse"

        2. Try to hide those cameras somehow or better integrate them with something more decent and aesthetically elegant.

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          • TeB
          • 04 Sep 2023

          Phones and associated technologies replace most of what women used to put in their purse. NFC replace wallets, beauty filters replace makeup...

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            • ssY
            • 03 Sep 2023

            240z, 02 Sep 2023its clearly targeted to those who buys luxury goods but i d... moreSo you mean to tell us that, they'll lose their _honor_?

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              • vaS
              • 03 Sep 2023

              Carol, 02 Sep 2023Nokia nor sony would ever think and invest money in somethi... moreYou're a Nokia fan... but how did you miss the Vertu lineup?

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                • David
                • 0R@
                • 03 Sep 2023

                Carol, 02 Sep 2023Nokia nor sony would ever think and invest money in somethi... moreDid you not see how weird Nokia’s looked in the 2000’s?

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                  • g.mills
                  • M6c
                  • 03 Sep 2023

                  I don't get it...

                  They could've at least made an attempt at an actual purse, no? Its not like these developments were ever meant for mass adoption, at least not to begin with. Only people with more money than sense purchase these status symbols, so RoI couldn't be the object either.

                    NeonHD, 02 Sep 2023I am so buying my future wife this.hologram wife for sure😁😁

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                      • asdasd
                      • t7T
                      • 03 Sep 2023

                      i think i saw this in cyberpunk 2077 lying somewhere beside trash bins

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                        • Wiz
                        • 7k4
                        • 02 Sep 2023

                        Carol, 02 Sep 2023Nokia nor sony would ever think and invest money in somethi... moreWhat is Nokia doing anyway wrt Ferrari if phones being launched one after another

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                          • Mimic
                          • HBC
                          • 02 Sep 2023

                          …when the snatchers happy, the end.

                            db102000, 02 Sep 2023So stupidStupid but now more people know honor makes foldables

                              So stupid

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                                • Carol
                                • skJ
                                • 02 Sep 2023

                                David, 02 Sep 2023Why is it that only Chinese brands are innovating whereas t... moreNokia nor sony would ever think and invest money in something this corky.

                                  Looks like the original Mi Mix Concept Phone..

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                                    • joyceluvsjames
                                    • k3p
                                    • 02 Sep 2023

                                    Just watched a video for this phone and,.......well......huh? Everyone realizes that it's a foldable phone with a chain on it. When I take my real purse, in it is my phone, my wallet, my money, ID, etc......So now women have to take 2 purses to go somewhere? Can you put anything in it, geniuses? This is worse than the plastic banana slicer,

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                                      • David
                                      • 0R@
                                      • 02 Sep 2023

                                      Why is it that only Chinese brands are innovating whereas the traditional old skool brands are releasing the same stuff every year? 20 years ago this would have been a Nokia or Sony concept.

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                                        • Trooper
                                        • mE0
                                        • 02 Sep 2023

                                        We need a 'Man Bag' version of this, for all those macho cavemen that have finger too thick (and brains too small) to hold and operate a normal smartphone. And have a 'grass skirt' version for those that love showing off their buff bods...