Huawei will unveil a new smartwatch (or two?) next week

04 September 2023
The company has set the date for a fashion-forward event in Barcelona that will focus on wearables. 

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  • d%E
  • 05 Sep 2023

when it comes to smartwatch, Huawei is the best.

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    • T3E
    • 04 Sep 2023

    Round means no watch fit 3, so is a pass for me

      • D
      • AnonD-1073493
      • 3c3
      • 04 Sep 2023

      man... all these watches are the same thing only those "faces" are different.. 😑 well at least this is my impression

        Watch Gt4 Series..!! ❤️

          I'm taking a guess that it's the Watch GT 4 series that's getting announced here, since they usually announced the GTs a short while after the standard series.