Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro prices leak along with images of all the color options

11 September 2023
There is a leatherette option for both models. They will have roughly identical specs, save for the chipset and battery charging hardware.

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No snapdragon meaning no Gcam, i hate xiaomi image processing so it's a pass, show us your Gen 3 ones and we can talk

    "..50MP main (IMX707 sensor), 50MP tele camera (50mm lens) and a 12MP ultra wide (15mm).."

    50mp tele camera? Now this, I like.

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      • Clau
      • 0Ue
      • 11 Sep 2023

      Very expensive...I remember 4 years ago when I bought Xiaomi Mi 9T 128 gb with 310 euro, (350 euro first mounth) now 700 euros 13T...

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        • Naah
        • KgZ
        • 11 Sep 2023

        Naah too expensive

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          • Ginoza
          • 06g
          • 11 Sep 2023

          Since center crop is a thing on higher res sensors lately, a 2x telephoto is nearly completely useless nowadays. Unless the tele can achieve a lossless 4x zoom from center crop, they should just stick with a 2.5x or 3x zoom.

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            • sixth
            • dP$
            • 11 Sep 2023

            700 for a midrange phone with subpar updates from xiaomi, the cheapest TCL panel in this segment and lack of support in apps/games with the mediatek 8200 "ultra" and omnivision camera gimmicks when the redmi note 13 pro+ will have a better design and comparable camera for 300 euros less which is ironic, at this point I wonder if they are trolling us.

            Lack of ROM support for mediatek, they removed 120W charging and the 13T pro overheats during normal usage and recording video, then closes all apps and only shows the time and dialer while reducing brightness by 60%, yikes (check out the russian reviews for the K60 ultra, the ones from china are sponsored)

            For anyone considering this one, avoid it and get Samsung S23 series since they all have snapdragon 8 gen 2 and are getting discounts before the s24 exynos series hits us in the face, if you don't like samsung get the Xiaomi 13 or 13 Pro, since they have a better build quality and miles better cameras

              Too expensive: Xiaomi could have integrated an x3 telephoto lens

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                • n4t
                • 11 Sep 2023

                Still no 4k 30 fps selfie cam.

                What a shame.