Samsung Galaxy S23 FE's color options revealed in leaked official image

16 September 2023
It's expected to go official this month.

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  • 18 Oct 2023

Bistna, 17 Sep 2023No SD card = no buy from me I’m not interested in rip off c... moreStick with the samsung a series then, simple. If you dont like the direction samsung is going, swap to a different brand that supports microsd cards for current gen.

    Energysnake, 19 Sep 2023Shame... screen frames like in phones from 10 years ago 🤣10 years ago phones still had home buttons.

      Kmayyank, 19 Sep 2023Will this phone have wireless charging?The previous S20 and S21 FE had wireless charging, so this should have it.

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        • Kmayyank
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        • 19 Sep 2023

        Will this phone have wireless charging?

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          • 19 Sep 2023

          CharlieP82, 19 Sep 2023BASED!!! it will be a "Super A54" with some S23 p... moreShame... screen frames like in phones from 10 years ago 🤣

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            • 19 Sep 2023

            OpposedScroll75, 18 Sep 2023Look, using leftover componets is a nice thing, but overpri... moreBASED!!! it will be a "Super A54" with some S23 pedigree.... will it cost above 550-600usd? It will be a hit, for sure, but is too expensive IMHO

              Anonymous, 17 Sep 2023Um what? You're mad because they're not contribut... moreLook, using leftover componets is a nice thing, but overpricing them is a BIG NO NO.

              Pricing components that are worth (at best) $400 at $700 is basically a scam.

                Bistna, 17 Sep 2023Bring sd card back then I might upgrade if not I just buy a... moreWhy can't they upgrade S20 FE as such with better processor and 3.5 mm audio jack ? It would have been cheaper and more profitable too. and weight would have been late...

                  Anonymous, 16 Sep 2023HDR10+ does not mean the display is 10-bit. Samsung is one ... moreThank you so much for the response. Got to know a new thing today. Quoted another guy who clarified this to me too..
                  Could you respond to the comment below mine... ?

                    IcyJay30, 16 Sep 202310bit display means 1 billion colour depth And all samsu... moreMy God. Yes, I know the basic calculation.
                    2^bits = number of colour brightness variations for any one colour, either of red, green or blue.. Which means for R,G and B...
                    2^8 x 2^8 x 2^8 = 16M colours, 8 bit.
                    2^10 x 2^10 x 2^10 = 1 billion colours, 10 bit.

                    But I had no idea Samsung displays were 8 bit even now, they looked so saturated and colourful.. Plus, I was always aware about HDR10+ in the specs of my family's S20 FE.
                    Anyhow, thank you so much for bringing this to my notice.

                    I hope its not borderline illegality, when they're claiming to show HDR10+ compliance on a 8 bit display... What do you think on this matter? Is Samsung justified in this?

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                      • 18 Sep 2023

                      Next phone will definitely be a Sony just for the SD card slot and the 3.5mm jack. I couldn't care less if Samsung makes better smartphones. The SD card slot is more important for me than any feature a SMARTphone may have. Don't even get me started with wireless headphones = nightmare experience. AND NO! I'm not interested in midrange phones. Add on top of that Exynos Oven 🔥🧯 and I know for sure that I'm not interested at all in buying this: FAIL Edition 💯%!
                      S20 FE 5G user soon to be EX.
                      Hello Sony ! 💳+🎧=😍📱

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                        • 18 Sep 2023

                        Shamsul , 17 Sep 2023Bring back sd card support to samsung flagship phones and I... moreSony 1 mark4 or 5 mark 3 which one are you looking forward to go with.

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                          • 18 Sep 2023

                          P Cavs, 17 Sep 2023Hoping they use the 8+ gen 1. Can't beat TSMC :)Wont be same one they used in S23 it’s one used in S22 oven chip.

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                            • Shamsul
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                            • 17 Sep 2023

                            Bring back sd card support to samsung flagship phones and I will remain loyal. Currently still using galaxy s20 but thinking of moving to Sony Xperia.

                              Dr. Stephen Strange, 16 Sep 2023I wish they can bring 3.5 mm Audio jack. And why 6 GB v... moreBring sd card back then I might upgrade if not I just buy a midrange a series.

                                Maria, 16 Sep 2023I am Samsung lover, was hater thou. Sorry, if I am a buyer,... moreThat’s why I still using my s20fe with sd card supports as I refuse to use overpriced rip off cloud storage.

                                  No SD card = no buy from me I’m not interested in rip off cloud storage services stop copying apple ffs Samsung.

                                  And no I’m not getting any stupid dongle or external ssd to plug in my Samsung phone either it’s stupid.

                                  Considering you still support sd card on your tablets and midrange phones.

                                  I don’t care what anyone thinks about cloud storage as it’s a rip off. It’s all about control like apple I’m still using my s20fe 5g with sd card support as I run emulator off my sd card and run the rom from it aswell. You can’t run emulators off cloud storage like an sd card.

                                  Also if your phone screwed and you can’t turn it back on you won’t be able to back up all your roms and emulators on cloud storage that’s overpriced bs rubbish.I refuse to buy another Samsung fe unless sd card is supported sorry Samsung your turning to apple.

                                  I just buy a Samsung galaxy a series phone to run my illegally downloaded roms ect from my 256GB sd card. Of course you gonna get Samsung shills defend cloud storage because they are not gamers like me.

                                    SlingshotBlur, 17 Sep 2023Oh my god. To think I was waiting for this. Really got my h... more"..discontinuing the Zenfone line.."

                                    They confirmed that they won't discontinue it.

                                      Oh my god. To think I was waiting for this. Really got my hopes up because of S23 Ultra. Then again FE's are supposed to be the old parts from the S22 series. So I guess the good FE will be the S24 FE. At that time I hope ASUS ROG already releases an affordable phone from discontinuing the Zenfone line and transferring the Zenfone team to the ROG Phone team.

                                        Anonymous, 17 Sep 2023An S22 in A54 body...why not buy directly an S22+ then ?Perhaps, and this is extremely wishful thinking, but maybe this will be priced accordingly?
                                        I mean if this is cheaper than S22+ at the time of release, you get a longer OS update cycle plus better battery cycles (I mean the S22+ is already a year old by now so I assume even the new in box models must have had some degradation to their batteries).

                                        That's pretty much the ONLY bright sides I can suggest for this phone.