Samsung Galaxy Buds FE's price tipped

16 September 2023
Samsung could unveil these TWS earphones alongside the Galaxy S23 FE.

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The design is very bad and not good for call quality mic, best is apple buds design for good call quality

    also i am very happy to see a dedicated touch area. you wouldn't wanna know how many times i tried to skip a song only to tap to realise that i tapped the wrong place

      had been using the galaxy buds 2 for a year now, they are great. amazing sound with ok anc and average battery life. however idk if this will be an upgrade over the 2's or just a cheaper version

        PepperPot, 16 Sep 2023I've been back and forth on backing the Ozlo Sleepbuds... moreAlthough I have always done it, it is not a good idea to sleep with these things on, I had to remove half a pad from one ear and I lost a lot of blood and about 3 percent of my hearing.

          I've been back and forth on backing the Ozlo Sleepbuds which cost 2.5 times more.

          These buds kind of look flat as opposed to round so I'm hoping you can side sleep with them. If so, I'm in.

            This could prove to be a good upgrade for the people who still daily drive their Galaxy Buds or Buds+, am eagerly waiting for the reviews of this product, especially to see if it's worth the $99 price tag.

            (I wish the case was pill shaped tho... 🥹)

              They price them at 50 and sell them in droves, especially to those who like to jog listening to music! for 100 there are miles of better options

                Huh, so it's a mix of the first Buds' design and the Buds 2's design, with a wing tip... interesting. Odd they're still doing that white case thing, though.

                $100 doesn't seem to be that bad either. Though you probably could get equal or better buds for a similar price.