OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC review

18 September 2023

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  • Mahesh
  • t7j
  • 28 Sep 2023

I used bulletz z2 its awesome sound quality , But wire is no long lasting it may perform up to 14 months , Don't use while sleeping wire will be damage

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    • Chavannigans
    • YbX
    • 26 Sep 2023

    I wish these were available in the US. I really enjoyed my old OnePlus Bullets before I lost one of the ear tips.

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      • Phil
      • 3Vf
      • 25 Sep 2023

      To everyone who thinks this is a stupid design is not at all thinking about other people and should probably think about life choices and why they have no friends.

      To all others: Try putting one of your earplugs away when cycling from the countryside to the city everyday and you know why you want headband earplugs that automatically pause when magnetically attaching to each other.

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        • Kalana
        • am2
        • 21 Sep 2023

        Very reliable, the wires gave up only after 18 months use which is fair for the price.

        Good sounds, good noise cancellation. Best feature is magnetic on off switch. No need of pressing buttons to turn on the earphones.

          It fails within a year. not reliable for long term use.

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            • Anonymous
            • jRq
            • 20 Sep 2023

            Why would anyone want this bulkiness over the airpods pro or galaxy buds??

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              • Woohoo
              • 7kL
              • 20 Sep 2023

              While I still swear by my 3.5mm HP jack & IEM, if I ever had to suggest the average person for BT earphones, I would suggest the neck-band style over the crappy cheapo TWS junk everytime, all the time!!
              Unless ofc, they are willing to spend much more and want ANC, then I'd suggest the Sony WF-1000XM4/5, again only if they specifically don't want headphones (WH equivalent)

                I still have the original buds Wireless Z in use which I bought 5-6 years ago on Amazon Germany for about 16€

                Battery Life is still strong. Audio quality is fine but your hear background noises from the earphones when you listen to music in lower volume.

                It's a pity this newer model isn't available here. For 22€ it seems to be a good deal.

                For anyone interested in a similar device:
                The Sony wi c100 are also decent. Very good battery life and super light weight. Soundquality is also decent.

                It doesn't have magnetic buds like the OnePlus. But that could be plus if you are surrounded by metallic objects like working as a mechanic or working out in the gym.

                  Anonymous, 19 Sep 2023Good point. I have some decent in ear monitors from Fiio. M... moreAh the FH3s are quite nice from what I've heard. Very comfortable and safe tuning as with most of their IEMs.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 0cB
                    • 19 Sep 2023

                    NeonHD, 18 Sep 2023There's a difference between a well-done dark sound si... moreGood point. I have some decent in ear monitors from Fiio. Model FH3. You can't imagine how ultra great it is. Sounds truly amazing.

                      Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023Having dark sound profile isn't bad at all. Unless you... moreThere's a difference between a well-done dark sound signature and a poorly done one. The Z2 ANC falls into the latter.

                      It all depends on how well it's tuned, and the Z2 likely has very unrefined/sloppy tuning thanks to its sh*t driver.

                        "Since the battery doesn't need frequent charging, it also wears out slowly, meaning you can have a single pair last for several years compared to the average lifespan of 1-2 years for TWS earbuds, making them easy on the pocket and the environment."
                        this is why neckband style is 200 times better than tws. atleast in my opinion. not only that, it is much more ideal for running. while with tws. once you lose it after they fell from your ears, you'd search the other stem for longer.

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                          • Satya
                          • y2g
                          • 18 Sep 2023

                          Better connectivity performance than TWS.. Hell YES..

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                            • Kev
                            • CcS
                            • 18 Sep 2023

                            NeonHD, 18 Sep 2023Pathetic quality earbuds, but not at all surprising.Agreed. Big tech companies have no business making such cheap things when even their flagship 200-dollar TWS sounds mid or bad.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0cB
                              • 18 Sep 2023

                              Having dark sound profile isn't bad at all. Unless you listen only rock and classic it is more good than bad. If you listen pop and rap it will be great for you. One more advantage is you will forget about sharp and annoying treble. Neckbands aren't that popular but they can be good.

                                Calls it wireless, shows the opposite.

                                  kevinmcmurtrie, 18 Sep 2023Bluetooth struggles from bitrate limitations. A common tri... moreBecause most people are "deaf" in the higher freq, if they were clinically tested, thus the annoying EQ presets that most people "love." Thanks to the age of ear buds, most people are pretty much destroying their hearing from a young age on a daily basis.

                                    "There is also a Bass preset, which sounds like the Balanced preset but with even more bass, in case you have hearing loss (or desire to get it)."


                                      Pathetic quality earbuds, but not at all surprising.

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                                        • Raj A
                                        • rJX
                                        • 18 Sep 2023

                                        Fair review ..