Google's Bard AI can now connect to Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, Drive, and YouTube

19 September 2023
This is now possible through the newly launched Bard Extensions.

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  • 24 Sep 2023

Google Monopoly and Privacy by Apple charging Higher Price

    EskeRahn, 21 Sep 2023I just await when they take this a step further in analysin... moreScary... Don't you think it's already happening, maybe not at such an advanced level, not yet at least, but it's happening already.

      And this is why I'll stick with DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail and Bixby. Yeah, I actually prefer Samsung because of Bixby. It does 99% of stuff well enough for my needs and isn't Google. Same reason why I liked Siri. It's not Google. And that's good, even if it's slightly inferior.

      Do people really need so much "assistance" that they need everything so interconnected that these things can build a super detailed profiles of them? Coz my combo has 2 privacy centered services and third one that's mostly used for local functions and is unrelated to other two. And I go by just fine with daily tasks.

        smart4ss, 20 Sep 2023"Google notes that your content from Gmail, Docs, and ... moreI just await when they take this a step further in analysing your intentions.

        Let us say you have searched intensely for something, let us say some boots for hiking. Then they KNOW you are really interested, and can offer the shops to present the goods at an elevated price.

        If you search lightly but repeatedly for something, then you might need the really good offer to take the bait....

        We will see similar for all kind of things. e.g. insurance policies adjusted to the actual risk of having the specific person as a customer, based on the detailed info they got on us. A nerd sitting 18h a day in front of the screen is a good person to sell an insurance against personal accidents. Bit if you are into extreme sports, you will get requested to pay an extreme premium.
        But coupling it with say Google Pay, they might not want to sell the cola drinking nerd a health insurance.....

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          • 20 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 20 Sep 2023What is privacy?"Google notes that your content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive that is accessed by Bard is not seen by human reviewers, used by Bard itself to show you ads, or used to train the Bard model."
          This is supposed to be reassuring right? Because a random human reviewer looking at my stuff is bad. Ads are bad. Especially bad are ads that might actually show me something relevant to me. The digital machine has learned that much and will dutifully work to maximize engagement by eliminating bad feelings. But notice they don't say what they will do with the metadata that describes the interactions of (what Google hopes will be) millions of users with their private and anonymized yet highly analyzed and annotated personal data. For a a while, AI programs have been sophisticated enough to classify documents as homework, a research paper, fiction, etc. The AI will analyze what the user does before and after accessing the document, what kinds of changes are made, and how many seconds later, using what type of computer, and on and on. Sure, they won't use any of this analysis to show you ads. And sure, Bard itself won't be changed by the metadata it collects. But you can also be assured that the metadata will be used to further maximize engagement in that same context or in any context they can work it into. For example, by watching you do your homework, Google can figure out which games you will want to play for longer when you are through. Because that is what the digital machine has become: A juggernaut relentlessly working to keep you engaged, so it can collect more data, which can be used to devise new avenues of engagement, which generates greater and more complex data, and so on. Honing whatever it takes to keep your attention on itself. That's all this AI boom is: another cycle of the digital machine's endless hunger for our attention, and the refinement of the digital machine as a means of mass control.

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            • 20 Sep 2023

            Anonymous, 20 Sep 2023What is privacy?The fact that we don't know your real name is !

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              • 20 Sep 2023

              What is privacy?

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                • 20 Sep 2023

                Anonymous, 20 Sep 2023They should fix their lame Search results. The unintelligib... moreAt this point, the quality is really not that much worse on DuckDuckGo or Bing

                  Microsoft launches plug-ins for Bing, Google launches extensions. Bing already displays links to the source of its information, Bard can now search for what it said itself!? Why doesn't it do it beforehand?

                    There needs to be more regulation on AI models like this... I don't care if Google says it doesn't use Bard for ads or that my data won't be seen by humans. If Bard has that kind of functionality, then all it takes is a security vulnerability and a lot of damage can be done. And besides, there's nothing stopping Google from changing its policies in the future.

                    Microsoft had some of their own miscellaneous data (like the Bing GPT4 model's initial instructions) leaked by the Bing GPT4 model ( If it can happen to Microsoft, it can happen to Google.

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                      • 20 Sep 2023

                      They should fix their lame Search results. The unintelligible explanation of an alleged Google employee on r/Google is not acceptable.

                        „Google notes that your content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive that is accessed by Bard is not […] used by Bard itself to show you ads“.

                        FOR NOW!!!

                          Sound like another perfectly good reason NOT to use Google's products for your data.

                            This is the new direct way to invade people's privacy in a single click, disguising behind AI, it is getting scarier by the days

                              First time hear about this.
                              Think it will be same DOA as Bailey from Samsung.
                              Like many other google or samsung or apple etc. projects which costed a lot of research, time and developement but failed to impress.

                                Just what everyone wants, lol.