vivo is working on two new foldables, the S Flip and V Flip

22 September 2023
Two new listings on EUIPO suggest so.

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  • 25 Sep 2023

I miss the daya when a Vivo and a Moto E both with FM radio plus tickets to the Charlotte Hornets game, a Charlotte Hornet BLTHornetBaconBurger, a slice of pizza, chicken tenders, two hot dogs, a month at the ritz calrton and a mercedes and cheesecake were only $25 total

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    • 23 Sep 2023

    justasmile, 23 Sep 2023My friend's Z fold 4's 'screen protector... moreTo be fair lots of products fail out of turn, this is anecdotal evidence but the real sign that the vast majority must be working (instead of the 1 or 2% factory faulty ones) is that they keep making them. Foldables are relatively expensive and if they had a huge failure rate as well then they'd dwindle into obscurity. The fact they haven/t shows that there must be enough customer returning for them to keep selling and returning a profit on them. That's considering the first versions of the phone (never mind the flip 5 and fold 5) would have been the worst offenders. So things must have got better and sales continue.

    We don't know the circumstances of whetehr your friend had children that messed with his phone while he wasn't looking, any accidental damage from himself, any behaviour he thinks is normal with a phone but isn't for that type of phone etc. I can't defend foldables on their vulnerability as I feel they will be more risky than normal phones but I do believe if you're careful with them then outside of bad luck it should be okay.

      justasmile, 23 Sep 2023My friend's Z fold 4's 'screen protector... moreI understand how you feel, (and yes, I know you never said they shouldn't be released so I'm not against you), but here's my opinion:

      You can't always wait until something is fully "ready" before releasing it out into the wild - even hardware wise.

      The first few 'non-ready' iterations of the product promote competition within the products segment in the market: Competition between manufacturers to release the same product, but at a more "ready"/ complete state, hardware wise.

      Placing the customer first and waiting until the first few versions are "ready" before release will only limit the release rate of newly innovated tech. Customers have to be savvy enough to recognise to avoid the first few iterations if they want, but the freedom of purchasing (I hate to say) "non-ready" products should always exist. Customers can purchase e.g. Apple products if they want products from existing lineups that are "ready" - hardware wise.

        My friend's Z fold 4's 'screen protector' had partially torn off in a matter of 1 year. Strangely, he hasn't been using the inner screen that often!

        Just goes to show how foldable phones aren't really that ready yet.