Samsung Galaxy S23 FE price leaks

26 September 2023
It's definitely shaping up to be the cheapest S23.

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  • i2d
  • 30 Sep 2023

The weight to much SS go back to S10 era please

    justasmile, 26 Sep 2023FE is supposed to be a lineup of bringing S23 features at c... moreBut it's NOT cheaper. It's more expensive.

      FE has lost its direction. S20 FE is good enough even for today, after that they lost microSD cards, and what not.
      It started with Note 7 if you know what happened.

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        • Darkestnoir
        • 04X
        • 28 Sep 2023

        Exynos? Nope, without me!

          yleop, 27 Sep 2023what a joke, got the s23 on offer for about 500€Link plz

            Anonymous, 26 Sep 2023It's less efficient but how it's slower?I don't know how it is on synthetic tests, but I feel it as slower. OnePlus unlocks immediately, Samsung takes me maybe 2 seconds, it is most visible when I install or update apps from Play store - Samsung does it slow (not slower than OP, but really slow). And other things too. It was big mistake to switch from Nord 2T to s22, even the camera on OP is better, shame it doesn't have tele lens. But I wanted small phone. And s22 is not a small phone by any means, it is just smaller.

              S23 with 2 years of warranty brand new is already from 640 euros here in Slovakia so unless they dont wanna give 499 or up to 549 eur price its already a DOA.

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                • yleop
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                • 27 Sep 2023

                what a joke, got the s23 on offer for about 500€

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                  • 26 Sep 2023

                  ishreal, 26 Sep 2023Nothing Samsung sells is "DOA". You Samsung and e... moreYou are right.

                  It's actually DBA, dead before arrival.

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                    • dodo
                    • nDJ
                    • 26 Sep 2023

                    What a joke "the cheapest s23"... just keep in mind that what you get is no S23 but more of a a S22 configuration. But I guess that if marketing decided to call it S23 FE we should forget that it is actually based on S22 and has nothing to do with S23 !

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                      • Not Again
                      • miA
                      • 26 Sep 2023

                      The name doesn't change the fact that this is a 2022 phone, it would've made more sense to call it S22 FE, or even A74, but it doesn't even really matter, as for the price it's not a good buy no matter what it's called.


                      The phone isn't out yet, the specs are rumoured, the price is rumoured. OK we get it you don't like it

                      You talking about making more sense, oxymoron, when you clearly have none
                      Hypocrite, or bully what do you prefer?
                      Don't you get fed up of telling people it's a comment on the phone NOT AN INVITE

                      Yeah 207 comments because somebody else expresses free will
                      Their money their choice, respect it post once and move on

                        Smctx7, 26 Sep 2023If it’s € 699 then it’s doa Nothing Samsung sells is "DOA". You Samsung and exynos haters are delusional lol.

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                          • 26 Sep 2023

                          veryangrynerd, 26 Sep 2023Exynos 2200, LOL, Dead on Arrival, I think they forgot it&#... moreFan Edition means this edition needs Fan..

                            Zero, 26 Sep 2023Definately OVENxynos one. Snapdragon one is pretty chill. ... moreI have a Snapdragon 865 powered phone as well, the iQOO 5 Pro, that never got hot, such a perfect chipset.

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                              • 26 Sep 2023

                              ipolit.matveich, 26 Sep 2023It looks like the same phone as S22 plus with a smaller scr... moreIt's less efficient but how it's slower?

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                                • 26 Sep 2023

                                Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 causes battery efficiency issues, so good luck with that

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                                  • 26 Sep 2023

                                  DarlingYext, 26 Sep 2023"I have owned a S20 FE but it was somewhat of a mixed ... moreDefinately OVENxynos one.
                                  Snapdragon one is pretty chill. And is not the best device using that chip I used.... Poco F2 Pro is the best to be sincere.

                                    I... think that USD price is actually cheaper than last year?
                                    $599 compared to $699.
                                    The other prices rumored here (£699, €699+) seem to be the same though...

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                                      • 26 Sep 2023

                                      Smctx7, 26 Sep 2023If it’s € 699 then it’s doa Exynos == DOA at any pricepoint

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                                        • 26 Sep 2023

                                        get an iphone at this point