CMF by Nothing introduces three new products: Buds Pro, Watch Pro, and 65W GaN charger

26 September 2023
Available in shades of gray and a striking orange.

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  • Nagar
  • 2T9
  • 26 Sep 2023

When is thw sale? Where to buy?

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    • Hideo
    • raQ
    • 26 Sep 2023

    So...they focus on rebranding aliexpress stuff under a westernized name? My money deserves better.

      That watch looks horrific! 😂

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        • AnonD-1073493
        • 3c3
        • 26 Sep 2023

        Dometalican, 26 Sep 2023Can we stop putting the word 'Pro' on everything;... morethis ↑ is a very pro comment. i agree 👍

          Can we stop putting the word 'Pro' on everything; especially what's supposed to be on non-premium products? What, are we going to see non-premium versions of these selling for $5?

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            • Anonymous
            • YUU
            • 26 Sep 2023

            Nah~~ a lot of better products like those are out there and with reasonable price 🙄

              Nice, this will sell a lot because it's cheap... I wouldn't be surprised if CMF gets big and they make cheap phones too.

                LOL, what are these? Oh, let's buy some generic stuff from some the same ODM in China that everybody uses, color them red, rebrand it, and voila.
                Seriously, I'm just waiting for Carl to sell Nothing back to Oppo in a few years.

                  Didn't this Chinese Swede say that manufacturers were boring because they were always doing the same thing? and what is this called?