Sony brings Video Creator app to Xperia 1 V

27 September 2023
It allows users to create and edit videos easily and is extremely helpful for social media.

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  • 27 Sep 2023

vrvly, 27 Sep 2023Considering vlog centric nature(no hi res still detail orie... moreFoldables do not let you use rear cameras while you face larger screen.

I case yiu havent seen, since pro-i ( 23 months ago) , there is vlog kit to let ppl use rear camera.

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    • 27 Sep 2023

    Google is giving manual mode to Pixel 8 Pro, but not to pixel 8.


      Zendroid, 27 Sep 2023If only they would bring real speakers and real mics for vo... moreunless they put another dedicated mic specifically for calls, it wouldn't be a problem. 2 mic for video recording, 1 for voice calls.

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        • 27 Sep 2023

        Ok but remember about only 2 years updates. It’s not worth this money

          Considering vlog centric nature(no hi res still detail orientation) of sony phones, they should really move next year to foldables.
          With foldables you can easily use back cameras as selfie cameras after all.
          Sony should also consider upgrading their max field of view amd reach, as 12mm or wider is ideal for vlog and super tele(5x hi res, 10x low res) will be seen a lot more from now, with many hi res tele in rumor field.
          Sony that is also a serious camera company should be capable of delivering result better than some make up combi of phone manufacturer with camera one, or the ones without.
          For now seems like apple/Samsung/oppo seems to deliver more capable hw and sw results. Even Xiaomi could add a case with a 67mm screw for nd filters.
          Hope there is some competition, right now I expect the most from Oppo.

            If only they would bring real speakers and real mics for voice calls! Not just video recording. The slightest wind, sounds like a storm through Sony mics. A vintage alarm clock is louder than the Sony speakers. And Asians still get extremely yellow skin. (watch Tokyo drift).

              the UI looks similar to capcut🤔🤔