Huawei to have a launch event on June 18 in London

10 May, 2013
Huawei is holding an event, promising to unveil a 'Beauty. Worth waiting for.' next month.

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  • Anonymous

all of a sudden dollar stores going upscale.

  • koma

4.2 for P1? newer again Huawei, newer again!!!

  • Anonymous

This comes month after Jolla announcements. Jolla is known to collaborate with Chinese hardware makers big time. No way Huawei will showcase just another Android or WP smartphone in London of all places with slogan like that. It'll be a Jolla phone!

  • Saaj

I think they will be officially announcing the Huawei Edge (aka the Ascend P6 or something along those lines). According to what I have heard from sources, it is expected to be available sometime in August...

  • AnonD-127292

EpiclyEpic, 10 May 2013Huawei is done being that "just some other cheap chinese br... moreyou are right . here in philippines they are getting bigger and bigger. 3 giants network provider had been endorsing huawei smartphones n their postpaid plans. almost selling a hotcakes

  • AnonD-127292

i love huawei smartphones quality but affordable. it is only smartphones maker that invented their own quad core processor which equivalent to qualcomm snapdragon when it comes to speed and performance. we cnt deny the fact that huawei is rising to fight.good job huawei consumers will be happy for the competition

Huawei is done being that "just some other cheap chinese brand", Huawei definetely has the potential to shine now

  • AnonD-113218

More competition, more options! its good for us , consumers

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59657, 10 May 2013Huawei is just like "Apple" in US or "Samsung/LG&... moreHow is apple affordable . they always price their devices at for a higher price bracket

Huawei coming to the party which is good I recently tried out there W1 device, very good device.

  • Anonymous

Nice to see Huawei is getting bigger, the phones are really cheap on the market here. Not as popular s already established brands, but they're on the way up.

  • AnonD-59657

Huawei is just like "Apple" in US or "Samsung/LG" in Korea.

They produce premium grade flagship smartphone at affordable price.

  • Daniel

They will launch the 6.18mm phone the chose 18/6 so it's the 6.18mm phone I think so....

  • AnonD-115286

[deleted post]So u mean anyone who buying Apple/Sony/Samsung product will aid American/Japanese/Korean invading/destroying their country as well? =_="

Be neutral n respectful, China was able to produce product with significant lower price compare to others are mainly due to low labour cost, huge internal/domestic market and rich of raw materials (thus don't nid to import from foreign country and further lower down the cost). China doesn't using any abnormal/evil moves to achieve this, tot domestic labour workers having very low pay isn't a good thing actually...

  • ativa

Anonymous, 10 May 2013Follwing this ideea, we mustn't buy anything now from underwear ... morethe US is currently conducting investigations over suspicious components in these electronic products allegedly used for espionage. recent reports also state that espionage is one of the main factors in the sino militaristic expansion. pay less and expose your country to other country's spying or pay more and support products that help the ailing economies of more friendly countries. the choice is yours. if you need an alternative to american phones, you can get less expensive devices created under the supervision of japanese, koreans, or even indians. they may be made in the sino region but their construction is likely managed by non-sino people.

  • Dips

AnonD-111717, 10 May 2013it looks like a soap ads.True, even I thought they are moving in new business. ha ha haaaaa.....

  • AnonD-58198

huawei w2

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Follwing this ideea, we mustn't buy anything now from underwear up to the finest home audio - video or even satellites. All is made in china. Are you ready to pay double or triple on the same products made in europe or usa or japan, like in seventies and early eighties?? Are you ready to pay 1200 euro for the same smartphone wich if it is made in china is at half price, at 600 euro?! I do not think so.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-115431, 10 May 2013sorry but not interested.I too....

  • AnonD-11269

[deleted post]buy anything and do the same thing. almost everything is made in china