Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

11 October 2023
We compare the iPhone 15 Pro Max to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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  • 10 Feb 2024

haythamghareeb, 04 Jan 2024Can't decide between S23 Ultra or 14 pro max. The ultr... more12 ram of samsung < 6Gb Ram Apple

    haythamghareeb, 04 Jan 2024Can't decide between S23 Ultra or 14 pro max. The ultr... morethis question it's so simple.
    if you like ios or android.
    plus samsung has a way worse flickering that can destroy your eyes in no time.

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      • haythamghareeb
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      • 04 Jan 2024

      Can't decide between S23 Ultra or 14 pro max. The ultra has 12 Ram and way better camera. What do u think?

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        • 23 Dec 2023

        8G ram vs 6 ram

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          • 22 Nov 2023

          iphone 15 pro max looks a bit slimmer than iphone 14 pro max. Apple told us they reduced weight but they reduced width. If the width is reduced, the weight is also reduced. Phone 15 Pro Max does not look very attractive. In my view

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            • 18 Nov 2023

            Mike9625, 14 Oct 2023IPhone 14 pro great camera phone??💀🤡 the contrast is horrib... more14 pro max is the best

              Don't really understand GSMA saying "Aesthetically, both flagships are incredibly good-looking, though the lighter body is a welcome improvement"

              To me they're ugly, I really hope the 16 is a big change to their look. The 4 and the XS are still the two prettiest iphones to me

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                • 18 Oct 2023

                yalim, 11 Oct 2023no offense but, those specific phones have only 1-2% of the... moreWriting only for the big brands, you have such good journalistic integrity

                  For 300 Euros cheaper, it's not worth it. Go with the iPhone 15 Max.
                  You're already paying so much money, and one of the reasons for that is to brag/have the best iPhone around, so it's not logical to cheap out at the last minute.

                  The factor that makes this easy to decide, is that from now on ALL of products from Apple will have a USB-C port. So from a longevity point, it's not much of a discussion. There's still plenty of people using an old iPhone 5 as a music player, whereas the iPhone 4S has really been dead and burried. Even though they're both on the same software, the physical port/hardware makes that difference.

                  If TSMC manages to fix their silicon, maybe Apple's next chipset the A18-Pro will come with the expected (+30%) improvements to performance and efficiency. And if that happens, we might see Apple ditch the iPhone 15 family behind in software, alongside the iPhone 13. Whereas the iPhone 16 Max might receive an extra 3-Years of long-term software support. We saw this play out with the phenomenal iPhone 5S versus the lackluster iPhone 5/5c which aged alongside the iPhone 4S, just because the iPhone 5S had so much performance to support those new operating systems, Apps, and new Web Standards.

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                    • 14 Oct 2023


                      The difference between the 15 Pro Max and the 14 Pro Max is that the former suffers from early OLED burn-in (per Reports) while the latter suffers from the Green Screen of Death (per Reports). Basically cheaply and shoddily made phones by Apple.

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                        • 14 Oct 2023

                        Mike9625, 14 Oct 2023IPhone 14 pro great camera phone??💀🤡 the contrast is horrib... moreAgreed i switched from ip 13pm to 15pm. Battery time is another plus for 13pl

                          IPhone 14 pro great camera phone??💀🤡 the contrast is horrible and the images are ridiculously dark. I would confidently say that it’s worse than the iPhone 13; the last one with a good camera. If iP15 is similar to the 14 in the processing I’ll immediately abandon my hopes to get a new iPhone soon.

                            777cobalt, 11 Oct 2023does anyone actually care about how heavy their phone is? i... moreYeah I care. When I swtiched from my Note10+ (196 gr) to my S22 or after S23 Ultra (225-230 gr), I noticed the difference and I needed a few days/weeks for my 'balance' / feeling in hands that was different. At this day, I have strain to my little finger if it only support the phone, hence usage from 2 hands ... But before usage from 1 hand was feasable and used daily.

                            So yeah, it can change the like of the device and I understand why people could care.

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                              • 13 Oct 2023

                              Anonymous, 12 Oct 2023Iphone 14 is most sold phone of 2023. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just ... moreWhile true that (MOST) consumers don't care about HRR, the other part isn't true (or is based on a source i can't find). Forbes says the best seller is the 14 Pro Max.

                                Anonymous, 11 Oct 2023Frame should be 100% titanium. Why not to go overboard a bit then and make ultra high carbon steel back painted with musou black. Could double as knife and photographers would love no reflections XD

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                                  • 13 Oct 2023

                                  5x zoom and USB C is not a strong argument to upgrade

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                                    • 12 Oct 2023

                                    Iphone 14 is most sold phone of 2023.


                                    Just proves ppl do not care about HRR and FC.

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                                      • 12 Oct 2023

                                      Jay, 12 Oct 2023A slap on the face, the retirement of lightning port means ... moreBro, the Lightning port was obsolete five years ago, Apple just kept using it anyways. They said they want to support it for ten years which they did, which would have been okay if they weren't greedy and updated that port, but it stayed underspecced for the entire runtime.

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                                        • 12 Oct 2023

                                        Anonymous, 12 Oct 2023You can believe what you want to.This is not religion, its science.