Apple Pencil with USB-C announced

17 October 2023
Available from early November for $79/€95/£79.

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  • Anonymous
  • GTn
  • 21 Oct 2023

Better buy replica for around $10, same features.

    no support for pressure sensitivy? no buy.
    i n my opinion the second gen is more worth it

      Sanjay , 19 Oct 2023Is there is any support for Hindi scribble any scribde is supported because its handwritten, which can be used to write or draw anything as long as you can do it.
      i can even write animalese text with this.

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        • Sanjay
        • 7kk
        • 19 Oct 2023

        Is there is any support for Hindi scribble

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          • cookie
          • XsV
          • 19 Oct 2023

          honestly, they shouldve use a usbc cable, just like the same design with the Apple Pencil 1st Gen.

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            • Core
            • nmP
            • 19 Oct 2023

            Woah, Apple needs to get into 2023

              yalim, 18 Oct 2023if you need pen, you cannot beat samsung. s-pen is probably... moreActually the apple pencil is the best in market already said by professionals, thats why most of them use apple ipad and pencil, the pressure sensitivity is way better.

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                • Anonymous
                • 7Xd
                • 18 Oct 2023

                No pressure sensitivity lmaoooooo

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                  • Anonymous
                  • d%A
                  • 18 Oct 2023

                  So no support wireless charging, pairing or pressure sensitivity, all that for a hundred euros. It's not anything different from cheap €5 pencils so what's the point?

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                    • AnonD-1121190
                    • 3aL
                    • 18 Oct 2023

                    And it will cost you 500 bucks

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                      • yalim
                      • mu4
                      • 18 Oct 2023

                      if you need pen, you cannot beat samsung. s-pen is probably a 8th or 9th generation product compared to apple's 2nd generation.

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                        • Nicki Rondantes
                        • nTp
                        • 18 Oct 2023

                        I bought instead Samsung tab s9 with free WIRELESS pen. No extra charge.

                          Just bought a local brand about 5 days ago, called iBingo for IDR 399.000 with USB C, no pressure sensitivity, and tilt and palm rejection support.

                          Better deal, if you ask me. (Especially since my country doesn't have official Apple Store, just some shady resellers)

                            omg apple does it again! INNOVATION!! 😱😱😱

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                              • Anonymous
                              • uJD
                              • 18 Oct 2023

                              potato4k, 18 Oct 2023What’s the point of this? Why not just standardize all iPad... moreThis is for the occasional note takers. Temporary take out notes, then put back in drawer collect dust...

                              I would prefer if it's cheaper thou.. remove the magnetic attach to ipads.. because that's meaningless.

                                They're scamming everyone but they still buying it because "Is apple"

                                  What’s the point of this? Why not just standardize all iPads to support h th e already old Pencil 2? Why add another Pencil? Seems like a sign of Apple losing its vision on the iPad, so all it can do is adding more SKUs, confusing customers. They least they should’ve done is replace the Apple Pencil 1, But nope, let’s add more to the list.

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                                    • Gingerbread
                                    • k2%
                                    • 18 Oct 2023

                                    How is apple still getting away with this... smh

                                      Whatever calling Type-C as its innovation, Apple still backwards after a bit too late to replace their Lightning port with their new Type-C

                                        Jman, 17 Oct 2023Obviously not for you, so why comment? Because I want to