Nokia Lumia 925 announced with aluminum frame, OIS camera

14 May, 2013
The WP8 smartphone has a sleek metallic frame, polycarbonate back and optically stabilized 8.7MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

such a stupid phone. Nokia you are dead

  • :)

i love windows, it works for me, and matches all my needs. android however, does not. I love the tile lay out, makes my job 10 times easier, and KEEPS ME CONNECTED. that is all. great looking device nokia. thanks :)

  • Cha

No EOS????? Epic fail Nokia. Epic fail!!!!!!

  • yarfie83

djk, 14 May 2013sadly, this is wp8. spoils all the fun of the great hardwar... moreWow, I was just gonna say the same thing about your comment. Flat and obsolete.

  • Anonymous

Will the 41 mp pureview rumours finally be put to rest? Probably not...

  • Vamsi

Well, as usual, we in India have to wait longer. Sigh!

  • YUVI

Nokia Step Ahead....!
Go Nokia Go.....!

  • djk

sadly, this is wp8. spoils all the fun of the great hardware. android rules. much respect to nokia for trying but wp8 is soooo bland and flat.

  • AnonD-145382

No Xenon no comment

  • Anonymous

Welcome Android Bots, If only this Great phone Runs on Android Blah blah blah, In your dreamsss