Samsung posts improved Q3 earnings thanks to strong demand for flagship smartphones

31 October 2023
Revenues and profits are up compared to Q2 but trail compared to the values from last year.

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  • 06 Nov 2023

-Trix-, 31 Oct 2023Everyone switched to iPhone You Mean The Whole 8billion People?

    Anonymous, 31 Oct 2023Because brand popularity, simple as that. It's the sam... moreDon't also forget all those popular sellouts on YouTube who always mock or dismiss other less popular brands, particularly LG and Sony.

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      • 01 Nov 2023

      Anonymous, 01 Nov 2023The thin front screen is what makes Fold attractive. Who ne... moreYeah right and pigs can fly too. Íf the reason why its selling so well beause of the NArrow front screen then tell me why they are having a massive 60% off sale in Aus (with trade-in offer and discounts) only 2 months after it's release! In Korea official Z Fold5 Pre-sale was also a flop; easily beaten by the Flip5 and even worse sales than the ZF4 lol!
      Only the oddball would seem to think the narrow screen is great, maybe you haven't actually try using it or the majority of all Z fold5 complaints are all wrong.
      I had a Fold 3 and hated the front screen with a vengance an got rid of it; do you know how annoying it is that you cannot do any real typing because of the narrow screen, I suspect Not, maybe just a Sammy spokesperson lol.
      It is so great then why they finally had to admit wrong and change the Z Fold 6 to wider Front screen, clearly the Narrow front screen is not selling!

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        • 01 Nov 2023

        crapZF5, 01 Nov 2023I wonder how's the flop of the year ZF5 sales going, t... moreIt flopped so hard they're making tons of more money. Next time, read what you comment.

        If I had a dollar for every time a gadget blog publishes made-up market analyses in pathetic attempts to create an impression that Samsung is failing, I'd probably be as rich as Samsung.

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          • 01 Nov 2023

          Can't wait to find a job and buy a powerful Samsung phone. My current midrange Samsung phone which still works fine made me buy Samsung again.

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            • 01 Nov 2023

            crapZF5, 01 Nov 2023I wonder how's the flop of the year ZF5 sales going, t... moreThe thin front screen is what makes Fold attractive. Who needs a fat screen? Just open up and you get that 'fat' screen.

            The only thing missing is the crease. As for camera / battery. I rather let tech improves, then to squeeze fat and heavy or have it burst into flames.

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              • 01 Nov 2023

              I wonder how's the flop of the year ZF5 sales going, they kept flogging the dead horse for 3 years with rubbish iterative minor updates that nobody wants. I refused to buy it even when it was nearly 50% off during a sale, last month.
              Fix the garbage narrow un-useable front screen, S-pen Silo, better 5x optical zoom and larger battery then I will buy one in a heartbeat, been waiting for 3 years, yet no meaningful improvements in my books has been fix!

                Now THIS is thr reason why the Fold 5 wasn't epic vs the Fold 4 (being iterative) in a market decline of 12%!

                So when anybody talking trash telm them where their money at, did their pockets and profits grow 200+% from the last 3 months or theie favorite phone comonay?!!?!

                This is serving the haters just deserts!

                Right on Samsung. You know when R&D big spending is needed and when it isn't.

                Now bring down those operating and business costs they're getting too high.

                  Make all existing and still on sale phones from all existing brands available for sale in all, any and every of 206 existing countries and nowdays top brands such as Apple or Samsung will be last on the earnings list because for same or even less money any competitor can output a lot better speced device.
                  Quality does not matter much since in EU every company must give at least 2 years of warranty after which most users who bought their device on a 2 year contract or monthly plan will sell their old phone and buy something new.

                    In 2020 Samsung Galaxy A line phones were a great value for the money.

                      0odle-noodle, 31 Oct 2023The increase is due to samsung getting their act back toget... moreIn 2020 Samsung Galaxy A line phones were a great value. I got a Samsung Galaxy A71 and it's only gotten better with updates. Even takes better photos than when I first started using it.
                      But I agree Samsung seems to just be getting everything right on their S line.

                        Anonymous, 31 Oct 2023Are you saying that all those article headlines posted are ... more"Are you saying that all those article headlines posted are wrong?"

                        What articles? I haven't seen any article which says Samsung phone sales are up.

               Samsung down 5.5M

                        "Phone sales are up." no they aren't, like i said Samsung so far have lost sales every Q this year and the number is already over 20M

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                          • 31 Oct 2023

                          -Trix-, 31 Oct 2023"Funny because Apple sales are falling off a cliff, wh... moreAre you saying that all those article headlines posted are wrong??
                          Samsung sales are down due to reduced screen & IC shipments. Phone sales are up.

                            The increase is due to samsung getting their act back together. For the previous three generations, samsung devices haven't been too desirable
                            for 2020,
                            S20 series: overpriced & had camera issues
                            Note20 series: Overpriced & was underwhelming
                            Flip/Flip 5G: Overpriced, serious durability issues, and tiny cover screen
                            Fold 2: inconsistent
                            Buds live: Not worth it for the price
                            The best things to come from this year was the Tab s7 series

                            For 2021,
                            s21 series: Decent price but many users experienced overheating, plus lost SD card slot
                            Flip 3: Bad battery life & bad cameras
                            Fold 3, watch 4, and buds pro/ buds 2 where decent though
                            Tab s7 FE was much too expensive for what it offered

                            For 2022,
                            S22 series had terrible battery & overheating
                            Flip & Fold 4 didn't change much, just better processors, camera, and battery
                            watch 5 series skipped the classic

                            But for 2023, no major complaints have been happening. S23 series is amazing all around, flip 5 brought a bigger cover screen, They brought back the watch classic, buds 2 pro where amazing, and the tab s9 series brought a lot more to the table. Hopefully samsung stays on the path they're currently on.

                              Anonymous, 31 Oct 2023Funny because Apple sales are falling off a cliff, while Sa... more"Funny because Apple sales are falling off a cliff, while Samsung sales are increasing:"

                              What are you smoking? Samsung sales been down every q this year (lost another 5M Q3) they already lost over 20M sales this year and this will be Samsung worst year in many many years, predictions are that Samsung will sell only 230-240M phones and very likely Apple will outsell Samsung this year for the first time ever thanks to very steady and strong year for iPhone while whole smartphone market been down for the whole year.

                                [deleted post]Because GSM just posted this article yesterday.

                                "Samsung's Galaxy S23 sell 22% better than their predecessors, Ultra most sold".

                                Basically, the same topic just fleshed out with more details. No point in commenting twice.

                                  improved in q3 is not a big milestone where u had loss in past few quarters and years (back to back).

                                  and there are some people who like to upgrade each year (by default) even after that there are loses in every quarter and year....

                                  a few people who lost or damaged their phone and who havent upgraded in many years may come into the picture because of which there might be improvement.

                                  on top of that, samsung offers huge discount on sales... like a phone that cost almost 1.5 lakh rs will be sold at 90000 rs which is another reason in high sales.

                                  i bet, without any offer.... they may have not seen any improvement on sales no.

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                                    • 31 Oct 2023

                                    -Trix-, 31 Oct 2023Everyone switched to iPhoneFunny because Apple sales are falling off a cliff, while Samsung sales are increasing:
                                    "Only Samsung gained quarterly market share in Q1"
                                    "Apple's quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year share dropped by 27.5% and 11.9%, respectively"
                                    "Samsung retains lead while rivals from China lose ground in their home market"
                                    "Apple Stock Drops As iPhone Maker's Sales Decline For Third Straight Quarter"
                                    "Samsung tops global smartphone market with 20% market share"

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                                      • 31 Oct 2023

                                      joe nodden, 31 Oct 2023Strong demand for mediocre phones apparently. Because brand popularity, simple as that. It's the same reason why iPhone remains popular.

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                                        • 31 Oct 2023

                                        Don't expect the same next year if Samsung going to use the Exynos back.