Flashback: how Symbian Anna tried to bring an old OS into the modern touchscreen world

12 November 2023
Anna, unlike the S60 5th edition software of the Nokia 5800, was a much better attempt at a touch-operated Symbian. It still wasn't good enough, though.

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  • 12 Nov 2023

At least it was not android fork that is sold as new OS like what ee see today from some.

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    • 12 Nov 2023

    i still have my e7 with anna on it. best phone and os i've used so far. i miss it so much, the qwerty slide out was awesome. my dream would be a zenphone 10 [so far as modern phones go it's my hope to afford one] with a qwerty slide out. and if it came with anna onboard i would still be very happy.

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      • 12 Nov 2023

      They tried thier chance, but it wasn't as better and smooth as Android and iOS, they must not had to give up.

        pl2rts, 12 Nov 2023What do you mean into the modern touchscreen ??? Like it w... moreI think Author addressed that. To understand think like this
        1. Android for future phone used in button phones
        2. Android go used in low end phones
        3. Normal android used in High-end and midrange etc.

        Symbian also had flavor, there was s60v3 used in button phones, s60v5 used in touch phone, which was later replaced by Ana then Belle etc.

        Previous Touch phones from Nokia were not S60, they either use Maemo or other Symbian series like 80/90.

          RandomX, 12 Nov 2023It was a mixed feeling memory. I think the OS was decent, C... moreEven today 2023 neither android nor ios has multitasking like Symbian, sometime I was playing game and I forgot to exit, after few days you remember and open it and game continue where you left it, with just 128MB ram you could open 50 apps at once and operate at background.

            NOK6600, 12 Nov 2023year 2010 - 11 was a period mew modern mobile game introduc... moreWhatsApp and most social networks at that time came to Symbian first before Android, and Symbian had HD games too, most people like you confuse between Java and Symbian Apps, while Java apps were of low Quality and resolution Symbian games were of High Quality. In Symbian you had

            1. Ngage Games
            2. Symbian HD Games.

            Ngage games some were direct port of ps1 games like Colin McRae Rally were ahead of its time when announced in Symbian.

            Symbian HD were of same quality as Android, while graphics sometime were little bit watered down, game run faster in Symbian, Atleast until 2010, Android started surpassing Symbian when S2 came out with dual core and 1GB ram. You can check youtube games like Asphalt 5/6 adrenaline version 3D, pro evolution soccer 2011, sparkle, Angry birds, fruit Ninja, The Settlers etc.

              What do you mean into the modern touchscreen ???
              Like it was at the time touchscreen was new just like was android and ios.
              Never mind that Nokia had touchscreen phones before android and ios to begin with
              Also isn't Anna like just version name like we have with Android with new versions with new candy names

                year 2010 - 11 was a period mew modern mobile game introduced to smartphone. NEw modern game is not support by symbian anna that time. Compared to android , symbian was outdated and cant keep up the competition.

                Many modern social apps also lacking in symbian os.

                i remember game alphalt 5 between android and symbian was night and day graphic different . The symbian look so outdated and pixelated low resolution .

                  Symbian back then was so advanced to the point it was able to change your voice and add background sounds to your calls while in-call ON THE FLY! Which not android nor IOS can do that even today.

                  I'm hoping to see this feature again, maybe on Huawei's HarmonyOS at least (that if it goes out of China), since it's micro-kernel OS (like Symbian) rather than monolithic (android).

                    Ellop arrival as the new Nokia CEO at that time and changing the focus of software development very drastically is one to blame. Even the promising Nokia N9 with the new born meego OS facing death Note before actual product hits the market. Symbian^ 3 already have more than 200.000 apps in their store and it is the 3rd biggest app market at that time. Today smartphone OS market can be very different if only Nokia focus to bring better hardware for its symbian based phone and continue to develop meego OS. unfortunately it didn't happen.
                    Ellop destroyed every platform Nokia had spent years to develop: Symbian, MeeGo and Meltemi. He didn't bother making a slow "transition," instead he burned the bridges when he released his "Burning Platforms" memo to the world.

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                      • 12 Nov 2023

                      Should've used Symbian UIQ instead of S60v5 which is just S60v3 touch edition.

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                        • 12 Nov 2023

                        NeonHD, 12 Nov 2023My first Symbian phone was technically the Nokia 1661. I st... morenone of those 2 did run Symbian.... sad to tell you

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                          • 12 Nov 2023

                          It was a mixed feeling memory. I think the OS was decent, CPUs (like N8) at the time were already very outdated. The OS had same features that even iOS today doesn't have, like fully featured file manager. It also had true multitasking, not in side by side app view sense, but apps could trully work in the background (desktop OS style) if you need them too. Moderns OS didn't get this for a long time.

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                            • 12 Nov 2023

                            I remembered it and for back then it worked well for my mobile usage. PC was still the go to way for entertainment data. Mobile data plans were very slow & limited making streaming over WiFi a must and even then i would often just transfer entertainment onto the sd card.
                            Belle on my N8 was a disaster but Anna worked well. After I installed Belle opening the gallery or media player would take eons...
                            Custom roms fix most of the issues back then. After I used Xeon & Delight to name a few I never went back to genuine roms until I switched to android 5 by force, but Symbian Nokias worked smooth and easy throughout the ui with custom roms. Many features have only been caught up in the last 5 years on android / ios.
                            The only reason I stopped using Symbian was app support and web speed. Offline media and basic phone features were fine until 2015 - 2017, after that screens and HD requirements demanded more than the hardware could deliver. But a custom rom Nokia could share content with a screen, speaker or phone better than any android or iPhone ever could then or can now.

                            I would like to read an article about custom roms after the Belle hating article next week, but but that probably won't happen...

                              My first Symbian phone was technically the Nokia 1661. I still remember playing its primitive Tetris game on its tiny screen when I had nothing else to do. I hated it, but it killed the time so I guess I'm thankful for it.

                              Then, I had the Nokia C3-00 and that was so much nicer to use. It ran newer Symbian and had everything a modern OS should have.

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                                • 12 Nov 2023

                                That old day's 🤦
                                My Nokia 5800 for me it was a disaster compared to my E5.
                                Very bad touch response can't play videos legendary coreplayer never released for v5.
                                Bad pdf reader even small pdf hang mobile.
                                Tiny RAM always give memory full error.
                                Only think I like sound in headphones.
                                Nokia derseve to die

                                  I don't remember Symbian Anna so much as Belle on my Nokia N8 but Maemo on my N900 is still one of my favorite mobile OSes.

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                                    • 12 Nov 2023

                                    justasmile, 12 Nov 2023It looks even more disgusting than Samsung's.It looked very well for it's day and worked also fairly well. It was like a hammer - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

                                      I miss my E72, those were the days.

                                        It looks even more disgusting than Samsung's.