Honor X50i+ arrives with 108 MP camera, lightweight body

13 November 2023
The phone also has an AMOLED panel, 4,500 mAh battery.

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Honor, please build better speakers into your phones.

    After seeing the Honor 100, this seems like a very cute design...

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      • Anonymous
      • mip
      • 14 Nov 2023

      Why use the camera "island" when you just grow the flash-bezel bigger but dont use the space at all. plain ugly and only here to "catch" some apple lovers...which will not happen.

        Anonymous, 14 Nov 20231. I assume even the "tech enthusiasts" doesn... moreNot funny. The original name was "smart capsule", introduced with the Honor V20 in 2019.

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          • swN
          • 14 Nov 2023

          161*75 mm snow shovel

            realme c53 + iphone 15 = this

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              • ter
              • 14 Nov 2023

              Good color, unique design, refreshing weight and a terrible design attitude

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                • fFC
                • 14 Nov 2023

                George399, 13 Nov 2023There are 2 types of tech enthusiasts: 1. Those who know t... more1. I assume even the "tech enthusiasts" doesn't know what the concept was called and borrow the Apple term "dynamic island" .. Lol

                  Probably a good phone for cheap price...but i don't understand why such a large notch if there is only one front camera...if it is only to look like an iPhone it is ridiculous !

                    The Redmi Note 13 series is much better for less and soon the 12 series from Realme with telephoto module... This Honor is not interesting

                      I'm impressed by the thin bezels but it has only one usable camera. 🤦‍♂️

                        Confusing name of apple copy

                          This for people who wanted iphone looking oneplus phone with emui looking os.

                            Mills, 13 Nov 2023Not complaining here. Has a fine OLED display, D6080 (D820 ... moreIf it was sub-$200, I'd agree, but the lack of an ultrawide hurts here. Not a bad phone otherwise at all, it's probably among the best in the price range.

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                              • L6h
                              • 13 Nov 2023

                              DarlingYext, 13 Nov 2023I assume the " i " in it's name stands for iPhone.You're probably joking but it's probably some name for a "lite" version like SE, "e" or Lite with no other meaning

                                There are 2 types of tech enthusiasts:
                                1. Those who know that Honor was the first brand who introduced the concept of Dinamic island(with a different name of course)
                                2. Red fruit fanboys

                                  I assume the " i " in it's name stands for iPhone.

                                    If the stove was square, it would've been almost a perfect clone of an iphone.

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                                      • Mills
                                      • kB5
                                      • 13 Nov 2023

                                      Not complaining here. Has a fine OLED display, D6080 (D820 misses us) and theres no ultrawide. That's fine.