Black Friday: Samsung US offers exclusive discounts on foldables, the S23 Ultra and more

26 November 2023
You can get discounts through the Shop Samsung app, also the web store has student (and other) discounts active.

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  • Anonymous
  • Mkm
  • 25 Nov 2023

So basically, all the phones offered required trade-in? Not sure if it's a good idea to do it with the S23 Ultra since S24 series is coming around the corner.

    Alex, 24 Nov 2023The S23 Ultra was cheaper when Samsung offered only free up... moreAt some places it's at 850USD for 256GB. For that price, it's killer deal. If you don't care about camera, I will advice you to buy Moto Edge+(2023) under 600USD or wait for OP12.

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      • Alex
      • xEc
      • 24 Nov 2023

      The S23 Ultra was cheaper when Samsung offered only free upgrade deal. Now, the S23 Ultra without the trade-in is $1034.99. However, when you apply the trade-in value of your phone ($600 for my S21 Ultra), the app deducts those $600 not from the current Black Friday phone price ($1034.99) but from the MSRP, which is $1379. Only then, the app applies additional 25% off. That's a shady business coz the promotional ad says that the S23 Ultra price is 25% off BEFORE the trade in. Customers end up paying $150 more than they are supposed to. #donotbuy