Meizu 21 announced with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, 200MP main cam and FlymeOS 10.5

30 November 2023
It also supports Meizu's Flyme Auto in-car infotainment system, compatible with the Lynk & Co 08 electric SUV.

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  • 1800 nits
  • JqS
  • 30 Nov 2023

1800 nits

    erodhika94, 30 Nov 2023> Thinking only about yourselves > Being egois >... moreatt: any ramdon guy

      Anonymous, 30 Nov 2023The S24 basically?Nah it's only the design that looks the same

        Main camare is looking good i hope it's optimized well

          Anton el papy, 30 Nov 2023said by someone who supposedly has the nada phone 2 which h... more> Thinking only about yourselves
          > Being egois
          > Rejected from society
          > Go to GSMArena and make some nasty comment
          Clearly it's you

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            • Anonymous
            • nGV
            • 30 Nov 2023

            The S24 basically?

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              • mpr
              • 30 Nov 2023

              Anonymous, 30 Nov 2023Ngl having bezels that thin on a smartphone is horrible. I ... moreInsecure Sony fan

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                • 7Xc
                • 30 Nov 2023

                Ngl having bezels that thin on a smartphone is horrible. I can understand if you're just using your phone as some kind of tv or 99% media consumption aside from that it is just useless. Just imagine the palm touches on this plus imagine having those thin bezels but still have a punch hole I'd rather they have a few bezels and put the camera on the bezel and have 100% usable screen.

                  Just make sure to give us software support and I'll buy one

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                    • 30 Nov 2023

                    PorkHotdog, 30 Nov 2023No way these bezels are real. Another fake by MeizuMeizu have done this before too with there white color models to have bezel painted in white.
                    It looks totally different than if it be in black like all the other phones have them.
                    There are lots of phones now that have that bezel under 2mm thick and the difference in like 1.5mm or 1.7mm is something we cant see with our eyes. Also there is the optical illusion you see on pictures over real life

                      PorkHotdog, 30 Nov 2023No way these bezels are real. Another fake by Meizu+1. There is definitely some slight photochopping, but the real thing is basically bezeless. It looks like they offset the bezels with the frame. This is definitely one of the least false promo shots I've seen from a Chinese manufacturer.

                        No way these bezels are real. Another fake by Meizu

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                          • Mills
                          • xFM
                          • 30 Nov 2023

                          Those bezels bro

                            The phone looks interesting. But the RGB ring seems cool if yoy keep your phone faced down. For photos i can't be bright enough right?

                              [deleted post]Is it pronounced flame? or fly me?

                                [deleted post]I can't complain about something they probably won't sell where I live.

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                                  • 8v@
                                  • 30 Nov 2023

                                  If they didn't immediately go for unrealistic pictures again it might have been decent. But no, they use fake renders AGAIN! Why? Are they that desperate to get attention?

                                    Dimtons, 30 Nov 202313MP ultrawide lens while the 5MP portrait cam in 2024 😬2023 still lives!!!!

                                      Garbage cameras, no IP68. Hard pass

                                        MRSTEK, 30 Nov 2023There's no true 5mp telephoto cameras in recent years.... moreExactly, that's why I found it weird when I saw that it was a "telephoto". But clearly, it isn't