Watch the Asus ROG Phone 8 launch event live

08 January 2024
Big upgrades are coming.

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  • Rafaelantonio
  • IbJ
  • 09 Jan 2024

Most of the time that I use my phone is for music. I now have the Asus Rog 5s and didn't knew when I first bought it, that it came whit Dirac (didn't even knew what Dirac was), until I started listening music and noted that I couldn't turn it off. I HATE IT. I don't want Dirac to tell me how I'm supposed to listen to my music. All my music is centered. I don't have separation. Dirac alters the original placement of sounds on my music (for example panning). Hoped this new Rog Phone will get rid of Dirac....Sorry but will look for another phone this time!!!

    Zendroid, 09 Jan 2024Asus lag phone still isn't worth it, if you play moba ... moreHow do you know that the 8 did not fix the problem?

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      • j}r
      • 09 Jan 2024

      Tuned in just in time for the Phone announcement! Then stayed for the brief hands-on. No word on any magically-hidden dual front speakers though, which probably means they're goners :( I wish they could've shrunk the body without losing them.

      It looks like the base model has all three rear cameras too, yay.

        Asus lag phone still isn't worth it, if you play moba games. Doesn't matter if you use wifi or mobile data, the phone will still give you heavy ping spikes that neither Samsung or Apple gives you in the same game. 8 generations, still not fixed the problem.

          I'll predict that people will complain about the basically unobstructive hole in the front.

            Let's see what this thing looks like even though it already looks like nothing more than the moment with that ugly hole up there.