Enter LG KP500 - pitched as the most affordable touch phone

30 Sep, 2008
Aiming at the midrange market, LG will be bringing full touch handsets to the masses, by introducing their latest LG KP500. Standing at 11.9 mm of thickness...

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  • Jane

where is the cheapest place to buy this phone pay as you go?

  • omggg!

im getting thiis phone for chrimbo ! can't waittt!!! xxx

  • ben

very nice

  • Anonymous

Will this phone come to Sweden?

  • saddo

yea 38

  • Tascas

When it will be available in Manila, Philippines? When they say it is affordable, I guess it simply means for the average people which translated as less than 300 US dollars.

  • Anonymous

cheaper than moto A810?

  • DeJust

brianlee, 03 Oct 2008well.. SONY is clever.. becoz they dont want their game console ... moreMaybe de annonymous guy is rite by asking (us) whether r we on de wrong post but FYI if one of de SE phones was built on de PlayStation platfform we would still buy de PS3 coz they'll make de games in different modes like the one in DVD format and de other one downloadable from their Application Store or internet in mobile phone/PSP format and obviously you won't enjoy a game on a phone as much as u would on a big screen TV, with ur PS3 that is. Again if you can use an SE phone 2 control any Sony device at home as well as sync ur phone with ur PS3 to play a game on de phone while u r away and finish it off on the PS3 when u get home then that'd be innovation for me, which will b much like using Opera coz I can sync my 2 Opera minis(4.1 and Mini Global Test) on my phone and again sync them with the Opera browser from my PC. That means whatever I browse and bookmark on de phone is done on my PC as well and I'll finish it off on de PC when I get home. That was my humblest, simplest meaning and opinion. Keep posting homies!!

  • Anonymous

joki, 01 Oct 2008LG means Lucky Goldstar - this is their former full nameyes you are correct every1 thinks it means lives good or some thing gay. But its actually luckygold star

  • Hdf001

Most affordable than A1200e ? Wrong statment...

  • Anonymous

brianlee, 03 Oct 2008well.. SONY is clever.. becoz they dont want their game console ... morelol what does LG have anything to do with Sony? Are you sure you are posting at the right place?

  • Anthony

I like what it does in the first 10seconds of that video. you could swipe across the screen and it shows your favorite contacts... Do you think the LG KC910 would have that as well as a feature?

  • brianlee

well.. SONY is clever.. becoz they dont want their game console such as PSP or PS3 sales drop. It will takes a long time before they develop a GAME MOBILE PHONE. Can u imagine? if SE comes out with PSPhone.. IT WILL DROP THE PSP CONSOLE MARKET.. So they wont do it since they want to seize all markets

maybe in future.. but not now... maybe when PSP no longer manufactured...

  • Anonymous

Hey... Is it KP 500 OR KC500? Not making any sense. It state KC 500 just above the youtube video...

  • Anonymous

DeJust, 02 Oct 2008I know that very well bro, but should'nt they make the slot on t... moreThats a sweet idea bro, that would be cool the whole house syncing onto your mobile and being controlled from anywhere in the house, yea a WinMo phone talking to the Xbox and PC now thats a great idea!! i'll see ya around homie!!

  • DeJust

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2008Sony's walkman range have 3.5 mm jack ports on the adaptors you ... moreI know that very well bro, but should'nt they make the slot on the phone and not an adaptor on the earphones? That would be compatability n freedom 4 me n BTW I used to connect my lil' bro's SE W800 2 my PC's 2.1 Labtec speakers (and a subwoofer) and de sound was awesome. To my anonymous homie I think some companies need people like u n I in terms of compatability n not just innovation because phones had become so advanced lately. Imagine a Windows Mobile phone that's fully compatable with ur PC & ur XBOX 360, an LG or Samsung phone connecting 2 your home theatre & as u said, an SE connecting 2 all ur home theatre and de PS3 as well as being built on a PS3 & PSP platform for supreme gaming, just like Nokia's good Ngage platform. The digital world would be a perfect place 2 live in.

  • TACO

This Or The Nokia 5800 ..??

  • Valmir

People how can you call LG is copying iPhone? Hasn't LG been almost the first on releasing touch screen phone before iPhone with the LG Prada? Yes it was...even Prada is a horribale phone with touch screen it was a try and now you see LG is going forward...

LG for Life!

  • Anonymous

Sony's walkman range have 3.5 mm jack ports on the adaptors you get with them ;-)

  • Shou Ji

The new mid-end touchscreen phone was come, Samsung Delve :
- 3 inchi touchscreen
- TouchWIZ UI with several customizable widgets
- HTML Browser
- 2 megapixel camera