nubia Z60 Ultra in for review

12 January 2024
The nubia Z60 Ultra marries gaming with photography.

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  • 23 Mar 2024

Hi from France,
So "in for review" was a fake,
My english is not good but to be fair to my readers I would have rather written:
"nubia Z60 Ultra in for preview"

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    • francsal
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    • 21 Mar 2024

    AjajPhone, 15 Mar 2024This gotta be the longest, hardest, most thoughtful, extrao... moreWell, I'm still waiting for the Asus Zenfone 4 review, after they did the hands on, so..... :D

      YUKI93, 14 Mar 2024Flossy Carter is one of those tech YouTubers worth watching... moreFlossy Carter is the GOAT.

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        • 19 Mar 2024

        Jon8652, 29 Feb 2024Taking way too long bruh, couldn't be bothered to wait... moreDo you have Chinese ROM? I only received one update (Global ROM) :)

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          • 17 Mar 2024

          Wow can't wait for the review, must be very detailed, maybe more than 20 pages for this phone.

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            • 15 Mar 2024

            This gotta be the longest, hardest, most thoughtful, extraordinary detailed review EVER, given that it has not been yet finalised more than 2 months on... :O

              Jon8652, 29 Feb 2024Taking way too long bruh, couldn't be bothered to wait... moreFlossy Carter is one of those tech YouTubers worth watching. So much better than all those overrated sellouts like MKBHD, Mrwhosetheboss, and Austin Evans. I can't even fathom why they all got tens of millions of subs and tech sites would embed their content when there are other far better creators out there worth following instead.

                This delay on the review seems a bit strange to me. Nubia Z60 Ultra was one of the first Snapdragon Gen3 phones also one of the cheapest, it also has one of the best battery test results. However, it's review got pushed to uncertain date. This might be only coincidence, but after the weekly poll that said that most of the people would buy the device if the reviews are good, all the news somehow stopped comming. Wouldn't the review and if it's decent enough translate to higher popularity of the device, making it more like competition to other brands also providing Nubia with more profit which, at least in theory, should translate to longer support for their devices? You can't expect multiple years of support if the initial sales of the device are not profitable enough. And by delaying the review, either on purpose or not, you deny this oportunity. For me GSMArena is one of the most reputable and reliable phone reviewers out there, but right now I'm definitely disappointed..
                P.S. I'm not saying Z60 ultra perfect, I have the phone and it has some quirks, compromises and dowsides, but at least for me it's one of the examples how flagship killers should look like these days. No bs gimmicks, no bloatware and great hardware for a reasonable price.
                P.S.S. Sorry for the rant..

                  If you like the design go get it. Got one and love it!
                  RIP review

                    2 months after their last post, without any update for a phone over 3 months in the market. How low gsmarena fall.

                    I decided to buy the phone without their opinion.

                    Waiting to be arrived 7-14 days.

                      hurry up

                        marius19375, 29 Feb 2024If you want to game while plugged in then you can check Cha... moreThanks for your message, I've tried that and it's helped a bit. I think the main issue isn't the actual processor overheating but the charging

                          Jon8652, 29 Feb 2024Taking way too long bruh, couldn't be bothered to wait... moreIf you want to game while plugged in then you can check Charge separation feature. If turned on it won't charge your battery and will only power your phone. At least in theory it should help with overheating and be a lot healthier for the battery.

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                            • 29 Feb 2024

                            I'm waiting your review to buy this phone

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                              • 29 Feb 2024

                              David 040882, 18 Feb 2024The reason is the fact that they had a whole lot of other p... moreYeah, I can imagine how hard can it be to take 9 devices instead of 8 to the pard below the office and take cca. 15 more pictures... being in the topX visited site in your topic.

                                Taking way too long bruh, couldn't be bothered to wait so I just watched flossy carter's review and bought it.

                                Used for a month and really like it, the camera is good, zoom is good, though there is a weird quirk (mentioned in the post) where the main 35mm has really strong background separation. This is amazing for portraits but when taking pictures of documents you have to make sure it changes to macro mode (this is usually automatic) and it will be fine.

                                The phone sometimes overheats when fast charging and gaming at the same time, though it's not hot to the point where you can't hold it.

                                The software has been amazing and already received 3 updates which drastically improved the camera processing. There's a special mode that helps remove letterboxing when casting to a TV screen using hdmi, and plenty of other features. People saying redmagic/Nubia have bad software just haven't used it, so far my experience with MyOS has been amazing 🙏🙏🙏

                                  plainandsimple, 24 Feb 2024Another week is gone - do you need assistance or anything e... moreLMAO !!!

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                                    • 24 Feb 2024

                                    Another week is gone - do you need assistance or anything else?

                                      plainandsimple, 17 Feb 2024"In for review" happened 36 days ago. Any reason... moreThe reason is the fact that they had a whole lot of other phones in for review in this period. They said that the Z60 Ultra review might come out by the end of the month, but can't say for sure. Still, it'll arrive, eventually

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                                        • 18 Feb 2024

                                        DriveFast, 02 Feb 2024There's a fairly in-depth review on the z60 at another... moreWhether you like it or not, the UDC DOES visible, but ONLY at below certain screen brightness and background color, usually below 30% and non-completely black such as grey is visible on my device. If you have a really good eyes, it is even somewhat visible at below 90% but extremely hard to spot. It seems to me the most problematic color would be grey. Other colors not so much. The camera quality is pretty good for making a profile picture and such but definitely not good enough for social media post. I believe what Nubia meant for improvement in 5th gen UDC is the camera quality, not the invisibility of the tiny screen itself.

                                        For the main camera ia a bit unconventional, as it is very good for potrait and zoom, but not so much for general photography, rendering the telephoto lens a bit "unused". The ultrawide however, are very very good for scenery, i even use it as default. The thing i really praised in all their camera module is the lenses. Extremely good optical lenses giving very nice natural bokeh and no blur at the centre and edge of the picture frame, even better than any phone with Zeiss lenses ive owned imo.