Creative Aurvana Ace 2 review

14 January 2024
These earbuds pair 10mm dynamic drivers with solid-state xMEMS tweeters.

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  • 15 Mar 2024

Bugslayer , 15 Jan 2024Creative is most known for amazing quality PC sound cards, ... morein recent years it's been soundbars market where their only competition has rly been Yamaha in some middle price range, Creative dominates both

    automatic purchase next time i'm in the market for new earphones

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      • Bugslayer
      • I8v
      • 15 Jan 2024

      mLHighlights, 15 Jan 2024People haven't heard of Creative, probably never heard... moreCreative is most known for amazing quality PC sound cards, which granted don't get installed like they used to be. Their quality has always been first rate and I would buy any product with their name attached without hesitation.

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        • Kuba
        • uN{
        • 15 Jan 2024

        Finally normal shape good audio quality. Sony and their weird shape is useless for gym etc. It falls out from the ear.

          People haven't heard of Creative, probably never heard of ATI

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            • sXb
            • 15 Jan 2024

            "The lack of moving parts inside the xMEMS tweeters"

            No moving parts, no sound. "Sound" I'd quite literally moving air.

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              • tPG
              • 15 Jan 2024

              It's a 9/10 for design, good work Creative!

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                • IbF
                • 14 Jan 2024

                potato4k, 14 Jan 2024Wow, Creative still exists? They should brand their TWS as ... moreNow I want them to make a mouse and call it the Finger Blaster.

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                  • JustSaying
                  • BmF
                  • 14 Jan 2024

                  Sound Blaster 32 AWE was my best sound card ever... 30 years ago, this guys are out

                    When you see that most dont even know about Creative, you know your are getting old...

                      Forgot to add. I heard nothing special about the Aptx Lossless format. My phone has SD 8 GEN 2 supporting it. Yet it has nothing different than aptx adaptive.

                        I have these and I'm going to return. I purchased to experience XMEMS along with the newest features they included such Aptx Lossless and Aptx adaptive noise canceling.

                        What a waste of features first of all. They have a ridiculous app that suffers with pairing your headphones with the phone. Searches it, finds it. But can't pair meanwhile I can do it fine from the Bluetooth menu of the phone. Then the app doesn't it. So tried it many times. Company's customer service is like a stuck cassette player, keeps telling you to reset by pressing 8 seconds. I don't know how many times I did that reset. No solution. Go to the play store and check recent reviews. Most of them are aurvana ace users complaining about the exact situation.

                        Another issue is very troubling fit. Short nozzle. Let's you have almost zero passive isolation. And this leads to terrible anc performance. Worst than xm4, buds pro. The tips they sent are ridiculous. Short, not that elastic, can't keep up with ear canal shape.

                        Whats even more annoying is that they located the air hole for the dynamic driver very close to the tips lips which causes the issue of being stuck when you want to use a tips from your collection.

                        Going into sound impressions. The dd is slow and can't keep up with XMEMS. It lacks ear enough ear gain so vocals lacks emotion, they are just cold, far behind. Treble is good and this where xmems shine. But the extension is not a wow when you compare it to BAs or ESTs.

                        I'd keep it if I could get a good issue and decent app doing its job. No. Wait for other companies. These are the first products and they need to learn.

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                          • nem
                          • 14 Jan 2024

                          The bass not being as bloated as Sony's is an upside, not a downside.

                            friend: hey what earbuds are those?
                            me: yeah im just wearing the creative aurvana ace 2 earbuds
                            friend: creat aura 2 what?

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                              • Hmm
                              • JGZ
                              • 14 Jan 2024

                              Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Ha~~ Creative brand that's long exist since the 90... moreYou know that Millennials are from all the way back to 1982? So they have definitely heard of Creative.

                                I already remembered this company, in the many PCs that I discovered in some I found the sound card of this brand! I didn't know they were still in effect! then these headphones should be taken seriously

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                                  • YUU
                                  • 14 Jan 2024

                                  Ha~~ Creative brand that's long exist since the 90's. Popular with the best soundcard for PC and it's a Singapore company. Any old timers in PC known this brand. Millennia kids doesn't know or never heard of this brand.

                                    I found the bass improved with the Ace 2 if you use better quality ear tips such as SpinFit W1s.

                                      Wow, Creative still exists? They should brand their TWS as Ear Blaster. :D

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                                        • Mkm
                                        • 14 Jan 2024

                                        6 hours of playback isn't that impressive since there are other wireless earbuds with longer playback. But at least, it's a good start for solid state drives. It still won't replace my high-quality wired headphones, but it's still great to see new technology being applied.