Huawei Ascend W2 official photo surfaces, rumored to cost $290

30 May, 2013
The W2 is said to pack a 4.3" display of HD resolution as well as and 8MP camera with LED flash.

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  • Shinigami

Next thing we know Huawei will comment on this, saying "good Huawei can't be so cheap" and say it'll cost twice as much.

  • Death

And then later Huawei CEO comes and says we are not some cheap china company so the price will be $450...

  • Anonymous

I am sure the Huawei management will deny this again that the price is much higher than $290...

  • AnonD-149678

only dual core, what a lag

  • AnonD-77318

I'm android fans but i want to try this wp8 sucks

  • AnonD-77318

the end of Nokia is coming

  • Hakim

Brilliant specs, huawei W2 will kill nokia lumia 720 and 820.