Two more Realme Note phones coming this year, target is 10M sales of the series in 2024

22 January 2024
Francis Wong shared more details about the Note series ahead of the launch.

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  • 24 Jan 2024

I m using realme 11 pro from last 6 months n it's amazing

    Hzzif, 22 Jan 2024I can't believe how the "Note" nameplate cou... moreeven xiaomi, samsung, and infinix uses the note moniker pretty well. realme is the one that messed up. they are basically rebranding C51 and call it a day.

      just keep the C series for low ends, please.
      Note series on a realme does not go well!!
      were narzo brand or series whatevers does not attract consumers?? note series from other brands does well. while this?? just straight up C51 rebranded and jumps into Note 50 and called it a day. this is just to empty their million units of unsold C51.

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        • Sr6
        • 22 Jan 2024

        If realme does not allows bootloader unlock by default, then their devices are useless for developers or even power users!

        I can't even access fastboot mode! This is a big no go!

          CamoGeko-XDA, 22 Jan 2024Oh dear, 6.7 inch and HD+ resolution?? I don't thi... moreActually in the low end segment HD+ is the superior option

          Processing power is super limited

          Next big thing is storage speeds it's so so easy to have laggy experience at the sub 100 class

          You see that point about quality control at this price range?

          You probably didn't know lots of rejected storage /ram is used at this price range

          You will see 256gb for cheap BUT these are the leftovers that the flagship's rejected

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            • vaS
            • 22 Jan 2024

            CamoGeko-XDA, 22 Jan 2024Oh dear, 6.7 inch and HD+ resolution?? I don't thi... moreThere are people buying knockoff Samsung phones and tablets even until 2023. The consoomer market cannot be trusted to think rationally.

              I'm a bit worried about gsmarena getting to review this phone

              Their ultra budget review portfolio is not very hot

              So I'm wondering if they will be able to review this phone properly

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                • DkI
                • 22 Jan 2024

                Realme only plus thing is sony camera rest are garbage

                  Samsung: thank goodness we got rid of the Note brand.

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                    • vxy
                    • 22 Jan 2024

                    Anonymous, 22 Jan 2024The name Realme Note 50 sounds a bit "inspired" f... moreYep. Inspiration drawn from Samsung!

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                      • 22 Jan 2024

                      They are selling this for $45 in my country for early bird price, good deal imo.

                        Want to turn heads? Take Note!
                        Well people will turn heads for sure for this but not for the reason Realme advertise.

                        It's like people cover there nose when someone will release there gas with a bang.

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                          • p4h
                          • 22 Jan 2024

                          You can probably find the C51 (same phone but better camera) for a similar price.

                            Are these phones being bought by same consumers or a mix of old and new?

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                              • 22 Jan 2024

                              Realme open allbout war on redmi note 13 pro series

                                Realme mostly sells their Phones in news only.

                                  They should've called their first phone Note 90 so they definitely need a new numbering scheme by the next phone lol
                                  1st phone: Note 90
                                  2nd phone: Note 900
                                  3rd phone Note 9000

                                    I can't believe how the "Note" nameplate could go this low. They're just basically ruining the name.

                                      Soon they will start naming their children Note, Pro and Pro Plus.

                                        Want to know how to promote your rebranded phone well?
                                        Take Note.