OnePlus Watch 2 with Wear OS to be unveiled at MWC next month

20 January 2024
It was previously rumored to arrive this year.

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Anton the papi, 20 Jan 2024I hope it's 49 or 50mm or it won't be worth itYou cannot be serious. My analog Seiko is 38mm. Perfect. For a smartwatch, maybe 40mm would be acceptable. 48 to 50mm ??? would look clownish. Nobody wants a to wear a grapefruit on their wrist, unless they are insecure and need attention. Except that would be the wrong type of attention to garner.

    If a company was going to do this right, then there should be several options in the software to customize the watch appearance. For example, I hate seeing watches with several different meters in them, i.e. normal watch, stop watch, separate second hand, and some type of diving dial on the outer perimeter. Can you say "Ugly"?! If in the software you could click on various time meters and make them disappear, now that would be very cool. You could make the watch look chic.

    To be able to change the background color, colors of the hands, or numbers, change their size, etc. Choose very photoshopish background colors and design. Perhaps on all the phone app and when you're done designing, upload (transfer) to the smartwatch.

    This would be the only type of smartwatch that could use the moniker in truth.

    We are all unique and choose our clothes, shoes, underwear, and jewelry to our own tastes. A smartwatch should be better and in vogue with smart software.

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      • Graza
      • p6S
      • 29 Jan 2024

      Oneplus watch 2 looks great but lets hope it doesn't happen the same what happened to 1+ watch 1.

      1+ watch 1 is a great watch with a few bugs that where never solved and two year have gone by and there hasn't been any updates.

      So I don't think its a good purchase due to the lack of updates.

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        • Anonymous
        • j{9
        • 28 Jan 2024

        It is coming. When you pre-order the Oneplus 12 they give you a discount coupon for the Oneplus watch 2

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          • Anonymous
          • bbe
          • 22 Jan 2024

          ted, 21 Jan 2024no camera, no salethis isnt 2013/2014 where watches are coming with gimmicky cameras.

            • t
            • ted
            • AWh
            • 21 Jan 2024

            no camera, no sale

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              • Diddy
              • 3SL
              • 21 Jan 2024

              Can't wait for it.....look's modern and beautiful!! With Wear OS 🔥 My OP11 5G is waiting for that OP Watch 2

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                • Diddy.....
                • 3SL
                • 21 Jan 2024

                Anonymous, 21 Jan 2024This or Samsung watch 6?This......If you have OnePlus Smartphone.......🔥👌🔥

                  Anonymous, 21 Jan 2024This or Samsung watch 6?If you want a more simple-looking design, you should go for the Watch6. This might have a longer battery life though.

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                    • Savage C9mments
                    • Ixa
                    • 21 Jan 2024

                    The watch one could have been extremely promising if they had put Google on it in the first place. This will now be a competitor with the Samsung Galaxy watch. Hopefully they drop it at a price range of $150 to $180

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Ib5
                      • 21 Jan 2024

                      This or Samsung watch 6?

                        • R
                        • Raky
                        • g8r
                        • 20 Jan 2024

                        Anton the papi, 20 Jan 2024I hope it's 49 or 50mm or it won't be worth itI hope it will have 3 days of battery life, or it wouldn't be worth matter what price will be

                          I hope it's 49 or 50mm or it won't be worth it

                            Needs to be a lot more polished that the Xiaomi effort, which is crap.

                              Excellent, to say goodbye to my galaxy watch 4 forever

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                                • Anonymous
                                • gXJ
                                • 20 Jan 2024

                                Why not the W5+ Gen 1?

                                  As long with WearOS is such important feature for flagship smartwatch 👌

                                    They sure look nice, hopefully it's priced correctly!

                                      Nice, Wear OS.
                                      Not like the failure OnePlus Watch anymore.