Xiaomi's Redmi Note 13 series is now available in the UK

28 January 2024
Also, Amazon has added vouchers to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to reduce the prices a bit.

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  • sXb
  • 29 Jan 2024

Actually the Amazon website lists the the WiFi only version at £128.95, bizarrely.

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    • xd{
    • 28 Jan 2024

    Redmi Note 13 pro+ has average SOC dimensity 7200 ultra and cost £450.
    Poco x6 pro has high end dimensity 8300 and cost £80 less. Only advantage for redmi is waterproof and maybe better camera.

      Lol an article about the redmi note 13 series yet GSM still have to plug and basically make it about the galaxy s24 series AND not only that, they are blindly falling in to samsungs false msrp pricing trap they do year on year and STILL push their products before all else.

      This sites new name "GALAXYarenea". Also some of the pricing for the notes are slightly wrong, im also pretty sure i checked atleast a few weeks ago and have been able to buy international models of these phones and im in the UK (from UK based stores) I also get you have affiliations with amazon to make some money (fair enough) but amazon isnt the only company and shouldnt be the only one you push. Lets see if this message gets posted or if you'll remove/not post more (even when im completely neutral and put nothing even remotely against guidelines).