Fossil is exiting the smartwatch business

27 January 2024
Fossil has promised to keep its Wear OS-powered smartwatches updated “for the next few years.”

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Good!! The Fossil Gen 6 watch I bought - and which is now thrown in a drawer somewhere - is the most useless, most overpriced, pos waste of money in the history of all the tech I have bought.... ever. HORRIBLE!! Slow, inaccurate and absolutely useless - cannot be relied on and is horrible to use. The Samsung Galaxy Watch I replaced it with was cheaper and so much better in all areas. Fossil promised fixes that never came and I could only conclude they were out of their depth when it came to properly supporting and advancing the products they sold.

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    • mc5
    • 28 Jan 2024

    YUKI93, 28 Jan 2024I see several smartwatch brands are burned up with WearOS. ... moreThe problem is third-party app support. If you develop your own os, like Xiaomi has, it's basically impossible to find developers who wants to support your new platform plus tizen and wear os Sometimes it's not the best os, or hardware, that wins, but software compatibility.

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      • QwZ
      • 28 Jan 2024

      justasmile, 28 Jan 2024Fossil is just an example on focusing too much on form over... moreWho are you? Should the world revolve around you?

        I see several smartwatch brands are burned up with WearOS. That's why the need for RISC-V smartwatches couldn't have come at a better time. Let them develop their own OS and their own SoC. That way, we can have a much healthier competition than before.

          Fossil is just an example on focusing too much on form over functionality, and that's a bad thing. Good thing they are exiting, I don't even want people to be buying their smart watches anyway.

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            • 28 Jan 2024

            Many people believed that by getting on the Google train (Android, Android Wear, Android TV) they would be successful.

            htc succumbed. LG phones too. There is Sony Xperia still splashing in the open sea.

              Well even a tradition must go.
              Soon or later cheap chinese becomes tradition and others will just go.
              Market for rich people is very tiny and usually only for preorder noone is making something which is not guaranteed to sale and poor people always buys in millions because its cheap.

                Hills od, 28 Jan 2024Lol Classic watch never look basic and dumb to me. I ditche... morei ditched my smartwatch for a Moonswatch

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                  • AlexS
                  • Ggr
                  • 28 Jan 2024

                  I have a band as a sort of minimal smartwatch and use it daily, it is useful for me.

                  - Don't have to get the phone out of pocket to read if i should answer messages, mail etc. , so less risk of falls, damage to the more expensive device.
                  -Timer is useful to make coffee, other culinary stuff.
                  - Some band stuff, steps, sleep etc.

                    SShock, 27 Jan 2024I mean, Fossil makes most of their stuff in China anyway, s... moreLol Classic watch never look basic and dumb to me. I ditched my smartwatch i got as a birthday gift after few months cos smartwatches are dumb and pointless to me.

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                      • 28 Jan 2024

                      android wear is trash.

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                        • GBh
                        • 27 Jan 2024

                        Anonymous, 27 Jan 2024Most of the people I know who bought a smartwatch used it f... moreThis is me.

                        I stopped wearing my Galaxy Watch 3 daily. I only take it out rarely or just for the gym.

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                          • 27 Jan 2024

                          Most of the people I know who bought a smartwatch used it for a while before getting bored with it, and never got another one. I know one friend who wears his Apple watch to work only, as some sort of digital fashion statement, lol. Much like tablets, I think they have a bit of a niche market.

                            Ouifuf, 27 Jan 2024Sad to see. Always love to see smartwatches that look like ... moreIndeed this is sad to see and I fully agree with the digital watches my preference to have them look like traditional watches.

                            Too bad Fossil, a few focus groups I up's years ago would've helped save this demise.

                            Maybe a partnership with their brand we'll see in the future.

                              Eric20, 27 Jan 2024Either you target the high end market in the Western world ... moreI mean, Fossil makes most of their stuff in China anyway, so... yeah. I do have one of their mechanical watches tho. Skeletonized version. It has a Chinese movement, but it looked nice and I like how loud it's ticking. Classic watches may be basic and "dumb", but they are timeless. Ironic lol.

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                                • 27 Jan 2024

                                Hold my beer — Samsung.

                                  Now that's sad, they made some really good looking watches and were perfect for me. Hope Google or some other brand makes something like this as a "pro" model instead of the usual "smart" watch look. Analogue looking watches will always live on for their bling! Why not combine them like Fossil did, Samsung's Classic ones are ok but not as cool as Fossil fr, something like the Huawei Watch Ultimate, but a bit cheaper for peasants like me lol

                                    I had a gen 4 and never received any updates

                                      Who would've thunk it

                                        skoda9635, 27 Jan 2024Fossil is now....a fossil.LOL I was about to make this joke